Lexicon: perfidious – periphery

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perfidious, adj. [L. perfidiōs-us.]

Treacherous; untrustworthy; deceitful; traitorous; sly; underhanded; cunning; crafty.

perfidy, n. [Fr. < L. perfid-us < per-, away entirely, to destruction + fid-ēs, faith.] (webplay: confidence, friend).

  1. Treachery; deceit; betrayal; falseness; disloyalty; deception; duplicity; pretense; feigning.
  2. Violation of trust; breach of promise.
  3. Doubt; lack of trust; loss of faith.
  4. Mirage; illusion.

perform (-ed), v. [ME < OFr perfourmer.]

Execute; accomplish; achieve; carry out; do.

perfume, n. [Fr. parfum.] (webplay: odor).

Fragrance; scent; pleasing aroma; pleasurably intoxicating odor. (122)

perhaps, adv. [OFr < L. per, through, by, by means of + ON happ, chance, good luck.] (webplay: chance, kingdom, love, may).

  1. Maybe; possibly; it could be.
  2. By chance; if fortune deems.
  3. Haply; perchance; peradventure.

perhaps, n. [see perhaps, adv.]

Possibility; uncertainty; the unknown; that which is beyond sight.

perihelion, n. [L. perihēlium < Gk 'close around the sun'.] (webplay: orbit, sun).

Closeness to the sun; sunset position; nearest approximation of the earth to the sun; [fig.] highest point; zenith; climactic glory; nearest approximation to true happiness.

peril (-'s), n. [Fr. péril < L. perīculum, experiment, trial, risk, danger.] (webplay: boy, danger).

Risk; hazard; jeopardy; uncertainty; excitement caused by risk.

period (-s), n. [Fr. < L. < Gk 'going round, circuit, revolution, cycle of years, periodic recurrence, recurring fit of disease, orbit of a heavenly body, rounded sentence' < περι, around + ὁδὀς, way.] (webplay: art, days, early, existence, hours, life, stop, sun, time).

  1. Moment; instant; designated time.
  2. Length of time; number of days, hours, or minutes.
  3. Season; portion of time.
  4. Real time; the present moment; [fig.] earthly measurements of time; mortal existence.
  5. Portion of the orbit of a heavenly body.
  6. Stopping point; time to pause.
  7. Life span; duration of mortal existence.
  8. Infinite series; endless succession; regular pattern.

periphery, n. [OFr < late L. < Gk περί, round about + φἑρ-ειν, carry, bear.]

Environment; perimeter; vicinity; circumference; surrounding area; [fig.] world; earth; landscape; garden.