Lexicon: perpendicular – Persian

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perpendicular (-s), n. [OFr < L. perpendiculār-is.]

  1. Sharp declivity; descent at a right angle to the horizon; [fig.] strike; lightning.
  2. Cliff; peak; summit; crag; steep mountain face; [fig.] height; elevation; altitude.

perpetual, adj. [Fr. < L. per + petěre, aim at, seek.] (webplay: ceasing, glories, heart, law, motion, time, uninterrupted).

  1. Migratory; moving to another climate at the change of the seasons; [fig.] immortal; deathless.
  2. Constant; ceaseless; unrelenting; eternal; endless.
  3. Continuing.
  4. Permanent; everlasting.

perpetual, adv. [see perpetual, adj.]

  1. Eternally; forever.
  2. Constantly; at all times.

perplex, v. [L. per + plexus, interwoven, entangled, involved, intricate.]

Puzzle; confuse; mystify; baffle.

perplexed, verbal adj. [see perplex.]

Bewildered; troubled; agitated; distressed; disturbed; anxious; worried; uneasy; uncertain; confused.

perplexedly, adv. [see perplex.]

Bewilderedly; not understanding; in a puzzled manner; with confusion.

perplexity, n. [see perplex, v.] (webplay: involve).

Confusion; bewilderment; difficulty.

perquisite, n. [L. perquīsītum, that which is diligently searched for or asked after.]

Possession; asset; accessory; [fig.] sand; beach; shore.

persevere (-d), v. [Fr. < L. persevērā-re, abide by strictly, continue steadfastly, persist.]

Toil ceaselessly; push forward laboriously; continue striving despite difficulty.

Persian, proper n. [ME < Fr. < L. possibly < Gk Perseus, hero, destroyer, or < Old Persian parsi, pure]

Native of Persia; person living in the ancient Indo-European kingdom that is now Iran; [allusion] St. Helen; mother of Constantine; woman captured by the Persian army after she allegedly found and enshrined the cross of Christ's crucifixion at Golgotha in Jerusalem.