Lexicon: persist – perturb

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persist (-s), v. [L. persist-ěre, continue steadfastly.]

Endure; stay near; remain close.

persistent, adj. [L.; see persist, v.]

Continuous; enduring; lasting; relentless; unappeasable; persevering; unavoidable; inescapable.

person (-s), n. [OFr < L. persōna, mask used by a player; character, actor, or role; one who plays or performs a part.] (webplay: affirmed, almighty, being, books, counterfeit, friend, given, God, history, human, living, nature, pass, presence, pride, remember, sameness, seasons, soul, things, woman).

  1. Individual; human being.
  2. Being; entity; creature; mortal.
  3. Character; actor; masked performer.
  4. Phrase. “Persons of prognostication”: fortunetellers; soothsayers; prophets; seers; visionaries; [fig.] robins; birds returning north after winter is over in New England; signs of approaching spring.
  5. Phrase. “In person”: personally; himself; by his own physical presence; without a substitute or representative.

personal, adj. [OFr < L. persōnāl-is, see person, n.]

Inherent; distinctive; particular; inner; intrinsic; characteristic; individual; singular; unique; special.

personally, adv. [see personal, adj.]

(webplay; assumed). Myself; by actual acquaintance; intimately.

perspective, n. [Late L. perspectīv-us.]

Opinion; point of view; [fig.] meaning; significance; connotation; nuance; overtone; semantic association; emotional expression.

perspicacity, n. [L. perspicācitās.]

Discernment; quickness of sight; acute vision; clear perception; insight.

persuade (-d, persuading), v. [L. per + suādēre, advise, recommend, urge as desirable.] (webplay: arts, belief, measure).

  1. Influence; sway; coax; entice; induce; appeal to successfully; compel by pleading, entreating, or reasoning.
  2. Convince; assure; induce to believe.
  3. Argue legally; testify; give evidence; offer proof.

persuasive, adj. [L. persuāsīv-us.]

Convincing; believable; deceptively credible; able to trick others into trusting; possessing power to influence the beliefs and actions of another.

perturb (-ed), v. [OFr < L. perturbare.] (webplay: uneasiness).

Disturb; bother; embarrass; make uncomfortable; cause to be self-conscious.