Lexicon: perturbation – perversity

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perturbation, n. [see perturb, v.] (webplay: care).

Outburst; fit of restlessness; period of tumultuous activity; [fig.] storm; change of weather; atmospheric disturbance.

perturbless, adj. [see perturb, v.] (webplay: uneasiness).

Steady; calm; ceaseless; tranquil; unfaltering; unchangeable; uninterrupted; undisturbed; unable to be thwarted.

Peru, proper n. [uncertain origin; possibly < Sp. Birú or Perú River < Guarani biru or piru, water, river; or, possibly from a chief named Piru who fought against the Spanish conquerors.]

  1. South American nation; former Inca empire in the Andes; producer of colorful intricately-woven textiles; [fig.] riches; power; royalty.
  2. Colony; territory; holding; domain; realm; valuable land; [fig.] life.
  3. Exotic place; [personification] valuable friend; treasured human companion.

peruke, n. [MFr 'natural head of long hair'.]

Periwig; artificial cap of hair.

perusal, n. [see peruse, v.] (webplay: act).

  1. Contemplation; reading; poring over; act of studying.
  2. Careful examination; inspection; survey; scrutiny.

peruse, v. [ME per-, through + use; origin obscure.] (webplay: read).

Ponder; contemplate; consider; mull over; think deeply about.

peruser, n. [see peruse.]

Absorbed reader; one engrossed in enjoyable study; connoisseur.

pervade (-d, -s), v. [L. pervāděre, go or come through, pass or spread through.] (webplay: pass).

  1. Fill; come over; begin to characterize.
  2. Pass through; escape; depart.
  3. Surround; be associated with.

perverse, adj. [Fr. < L. perversus, turned the wrong way, awry.]

Obstinate; averse; opposed; stubbornly contrary.

perversity, n. [see perverse.]

Audacity; act of boldness; inappropriate show of presumptuousness.