Lexicon: petal – phantasm

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petal (-s), n. [Fr. < ancient L. petal-um, metal plate < Gk 'thin plate, lamina, leaf'.] (webplay: expand, flower, leaf).

  1. Soft, delicately colored leaf-like division of a flower's corolla.
  2. [Fig.] brightly colored ray of the setting sun.
  3. [Fig.] delicate skin; body of a deceased woman.

Peter, proper n. [L. < Gk petros, 'small stone'.]

  1. Disciple of Christ (died about A.D. 67); New Testament apostle; one who denied acquaintance with Jesus three times (see Matthew 26:69-75); chief apostle after Christ's death and ascension; New Testament author who testified of the resurrection of Jesus Christ (see 1 Peter 1:3; see also ED's letters).
  2. Male child; storybook boy; nursery verse character.

Peter Parley, proper n. [see Parley, Peter, proper n.]

petite, adj. [Fr. petit.] (webplay: grand, high, king, little, prince, worn).

  1. Minor; modest; limited; restricted in scope.
  2. Miniature; small-scale; diminutive.

petition (-'s), n. [Fr. < OFr < L. petītiōn-em < petěre, aim at, seek, lay claim to, ask, beg.] (webplay: greatest, power).

Prayer; posture of supplication; physical position of the body acceptable in communication with God.

petition, v. [see petition, n.] (webplay: prayer).

Pray; plead; appeal; request; entreat God; implore Deity.

petticoat, n. [Orig. petty coat < Fr. petit, small + OFr cote, coat.]

Underskirt; slip with layers of lace and ribbons; lady's garment worn beneath a gown; [fig.] richly-colored light over the horizon at sunset.

petty, adj. [Fr. petit.]

Small; tiny; minute; minuscule; insignificant; minor.

phaeton, n. [Gk 'shining'; in Gk mythology, son of Helios and Clymene, famous for his unlucky driving of the sun-chariot.]

Chariot; carriage; vehicle; means of transportation.

phantasm, adj. [see phantasm, n.] (webplay: dream).

Haunting; [fig.] ever-present; constantly in view; continually surrounding, even in dreams.