Lexicon: Pizarro – plain

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Pizarro (-'s), proper n. [Sp. < pizarra, slate.]

Francisco Pizarro (A.D. 1471-1541); Spanish explorer; conqueror of Peru; man who discovered the Pacific with Balboa; one who acquired enormous quantities of gold in South America; [fig.] riches; wealth; material possessions.

placard, n. [OFr plackart < plaquier, to plate, lay flat, plaster.]

Advertisement; announcement; poster; billboard; playbill; public notice; sign announcing a performance.

place (-s), n. [ME < Fr. < L. platea, open space < Gk 'broad way'.] (webplay: apartment, arise, astronomy, body, book, calamity, circumstances, come, contentment, country, distinct, divines, earth, easily, establish, existence, face, feet, first, fled, friend, God, ground, hands, happiness, heart, heaven, high place, holy, house, influence, invest, Jews, kingdom, last, life, local, low, man, mansion, moon, mount, narrow, occupied, order, pass away, perfect, person, put, rank, reception, rest, room, sacrifices, security, sequestered, set, shelf, sign, society, space, sphere, standest, star, stead, stream, suffer, sun, superiors, thing, town, village, word).

  1. Spot; seat; chair; area to be occupied.
  2. Heaven; paradise.
  3. Position; proper arrangement.
  4. Site; expanse; space; area; realm; region; appropriate setting; proper context; natural environment.
  5. Passage; excerpt; section of a written text.
  6. Presence; home; shelter; refuge; sanctuary; [metaphor] relationship; companionship; friendship; [fig.] harbor; haven.
  7. Heart; soul; inner part; core of being.
  8. Grave; tomb; burial site.
  9. Circumstance; situation; time of day.
  10. Altar; closet; (see Matthew 6:6); [fig.] attempt at communion.
  11. Locale; point on a map; set of coordinates; [fig.] town; village; settlement; real domain for being.
  12. World; society; sphere of existence.
  13. Building; structure; edifice.
  14. State of mind.
  15. Cemetery; burial ground.
  16. Space; room to grow.
  17. Horizon; skyline; orient; eastern location.
  18. Haunt; commonly occupied site; frequently visited location.
  19. Rank; status; qualification for a position of honor; [fig.] legacy; inheritance; promised land.
  20. Emotional state; feeling of security.
  21. Landscape; scenery; vista; [fig.] absence; vacancy.
  22. Phrase. “In the place of”: instead of; as a substitute for.
  23. Phrase. “Market place”: public square; open-air bazaar.
  24. Phrase. “Sheets of Place”: fenced portion of land; [kenning] fields; farms; homesteads.

place (-d, placing), v. [see place, n.] (webplay: appoint, arise, existence, come, first, ground, last, life, narrow, pass away, room, separate, side, star, sun, thing).

  1. Put; position; cause to be located.
  2. Fix; tidy; arrange properly.
  3. Gather; collect; accumulate; come together; [fig.] congeal; coagulate; clot.
  4. Appear; materialize.
  5. Direct; send; [fig.] utter.
  6. Seat; show someone to a seat.

placid, adj. [L. placid-us, pleasing, favorable, gentle, mild, calm < placēre, to please.] (webplay: smile).

Undisturbed; tranquil; peaceful; [fig.] dormant; hibernating; apparently inactive; temporarily lifeless.

placid, adv. [see placid, adj.]

Quietly; silently; tranquilly; serenely; without motion; in an undisturbed manner.

placing, verbal adj. [see place, v.]

Arranging; fixing; [nominal] act of positioning; task of putting in the proper location.

plain (-er), adj. [OFr < L. plān-us, flat.] (webplay: bright, children, discovered, grace, high, inequalities, luxuriously, man, obscure, plain words, road, seen, shortness, simple, speech, straight).

  1. Common; unsophisticated; artless; ignorant; awkward; manifesting lack of experience in worldly matters.
  2. Smooth; unbroken.
  3. Unclouded; unconfused.
  4. Unornamented; undecorated; unembellished; uninteresting, monotonous, ordinary.
  5. Pure; solid; untinted by other colors.
  6. Mere; bare.
  7. Obvious; evident; clear; visible.
  8. Honest; frank; undisguised.

plain, adv. [see plain, adj.] (webplay: children, figures, high, road, solid, speaking, truth).

  1. Clearly; openly; honestly; with full disclosure.
  2. Modestly; humbly; simply; unpretentiously; in an unassuming manner.

plain, n. [OFr < L. plān-um, see plain, a.] (webplay: bright, children, even, figures, high, land, light, plain-dealing, road, seen, show, solid, speaking, taught, truth, tune, wander).

  1. Prairie; range; grassland; lowland; flat, treeless expanse of ground.
  2. Battlefield; cemetery grounds; burial place.
  3. [Fig.] area; place; location.
  4. [Fig.] realm of nature; earth; surrounding area