Lexicon: plan – plash

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plan, n. [Fr. < L. plān-us, flat.] (webplay: project).

  1. Design; organization; system.
  2. Scheme; plot; intention.
  3. Mission; goal; objective; purpose; function.
  4. Pattern; prototype; essence; specification; set of criteria; standard structure; accepted format.
  5. Destiny; innate purpose; inheritance; inherent potential; genetic blueprint.
  6. Procedure; routine; ritual actions involved in a sacred religious ordinance; [fig.] Gospel; scriptures; divine explanation of the meaning of life.
  7. Routine course; usual path; normal route; [fig.] arc.
  8. [Fig.] universe; creation.

plan (planned), v. [see plan, n.] (webplay: building, land, mind).

Intend; destine; create; design; prepare; prime; condition.

plane, n. [L. plān-um, flat surface.] (webplay: boards).

  1. Surface; layer; [fig.] dimension.
  2. Space; area; [fig.] expanse; capacity; interior.
  3. Woodworking tool; leveling instrument; device for smoothing pieces of wood.

planet (-'s, -s), n. [ME < OFr < Late L. < Gk πλανήτης, wanderer < πλαν ￾ν, lead astray.]

  1. Heavenly body; celestial sphere.
  2. [Fig.] observable phenomenon.
  3. [Fig.] wonder of nature; remote, inanimate object; distant, non-human entity.

planetary, adj. [Late L. planētārius.]

Gravitational; natural; binding together; [fig.] friendship; fellowship; kinship; of life; of existence.

plank (-s), n. [ME < ONFr < L. planca, board, plank, slab.] (webplay: inch).

  1. Board; wooden panel; raw building material; broad piece of sawed timber used in construction.
  2. Narrow bridge; single board; visible support; narrow piece of wood providing a path across the water or into the sea; [fig.] phrase; clause; line of verse.
  3. Floorboard; piece of a building's foundation.
  4. Long, thin board; timber used to save a shipwrecked person from drowning; [fig.] broad, flat leaf.
  5. Air-borne object; [metonymy] ship; boat; sea-going vessel; [fig.] thin, flat blade of grass.

plant (-s), n. [OE < L. planta, sprout, slip, cutting, graft.] (webplay: earth, foot, germ, grasses, grow, seeds, shrubs, touched, vegetables).

  1. Living thing; organic body; flora; herbage; vegetation.
  2. Tree; sprout; bud; [fig.] life; growth; development; process of blooming.
  3. Flower; bloom; blossom; [fig.] sunset; brilliantly hued western sky created by the setting sun.

plant (-ed), v. [OE < L. plantāre, to plant, fix in place.] (webplay: seeds).

Sow; engender; furnish; foster; introduce; establish; set in place; place in fertile soil in hopes of future growth.

plash, n. [OE < MLG plasken, probably onomatopoetic.]

Splash; slap; smack; spank; swat; noise of hitting the surface of water.

plash (-ing), v. [see plash, n.]

Splash; wade; play; dabble; strike the water's surface playfully.