Lexicon: pleader – pledge

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pleader, n. [ME playdur < OFr; see plead.]

Sophist; specious reasoner; deceptively persuasive orator.

pleading, n. [see plead, v.]

Entreaty; supplication; urgent call; [fig.] plaintive song; poignant sounds of birds and insects.

pleading, verbal adj. [see plead, v.] (webplay: press).

Poignant; plaintive; [fig.] funereal; grieving; lamenting; mournful; sorrowful.

pleasant (-er), adj. [ME < OFr pleisant < plaisir, to please.] (webplay: ceased, content, eye, God, like, love, meet, mind, opposed, person, please God, sailing, saying, tranquilized).

  1. Agreeable; nice; good; desirable; enjoyable; satisfactory
  2. Cloudless; calm; characterized by fair weather.

please, n. [see please, v.] (webplay: saying, skillful).

Petition; prayer; appeal; entreaty; humble request; meek plea.

please (-d, -s), v. [ME plaise < L. placēre, to be pleasing or agreeable.] (webplay: choose, condescend, content, dull, dwell, eye, friend, gay, good, grace, heart's desire, joy, landscape, like, lords, meet, men-pleasers, please God, sailing, saying, show, sight, sounds, taste, view, worldly).

  1. Satisfy; content; interest; delight; make happy.
  2. Allow; grant; permit; make possible.
  3. Deign; condescend.
  4. Have mercy; show compassion.
  5. Desire; want; like; choose; prefer.
  6. Suit, be appropriate (for); be fitting (for).
  7. Excite; [fig.] ripple; agitate; disturb.

pleased, verbal adj. [see please, v.] (webplay: bodily, company, friend, heart's desire, joy, manners, pain, satisfy, saying, sounds, whole, worldly).

  1. Delighted; happy; gladdened; elated.
  2. Desirous; anxious; eager.

pleasing, adj. [see please, v.] (webplay: sprightly, tranquilized).

Agreeable; cheerful; delightful; happy; jubilant; animated.

pleasure (-s), n. [ME plesir < OFr < L. placēre, to please.] (webplay: bodily, company, content, dwell, expectation, eye, gaining, gay, good, grace, heart's desire, joy, liberty, light, meet, men-pleasers, merriment, mind, please God, saying, shapes, show, sight, will, words).

  1. Delight; joy; enjoyment; happiness; elation; bliss; cheer; satisfaction; contentment.
  2. Will; desire; whim.
  3. Sport; recreation; diversion; amusement; hobby; leisure activity.
  4. [Fig.] lava; eruption.
  5. [Fig.] shining; brightness.

pledge, n. [Late ME < OFr < L. plivium < plevīre, warrant, assure, undertake for, engage.] (webplay: plight, surety).

Property; pawn; object given to a creditor to insure repayment of a debt; [fig.] life; mortal existence; right to take away life given to Death for the loan of time.