Lexicon: pledge – plot

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pledge (-s), v. [Late ME plege or OFr plegier, to guarantee, bail.] (webplay: cup, dead pledge, drinking, first, given, lay, living pledge, repayment, vow, wife).

  1. Promise; deposit in pawn; offer as payment; present as collateral to secure a loan.
  2. Toast; drink to the health of; demonstrate fidelity by proposing a toast in honor of.

Pleiad (-s, -'s), proper n. [L. Plēïas < Gk.] (webplay: astronomy, sail, stars, time).

  1. Faint star; member of the open cluster in the Taurus constellation; one of the “Seven Sisters” not visible to the naked eye; [mythology] Electra; lost seventh daughter of Atlas and Pleione in Greek mythology; [fig.] departed spirit; deceased loved one; beloved person who is missing.
  2. Guiding star; point of reference; reliable means of orientation at sea; heavenly body used to calculate locations on earth; celestial object used by sailors for navigation; natural sign whose rising indicates the time for safe sailing; [fig.] goal; prize; that for which one is striving; star personified.

plenty, adj. [see plenty, n.] (webplay: bread, fame).

Sufficient; enough; ample.

plenty, n. [ME< OFr < L. plēnitāt-em < plēn-us, full.] (webplay: bread).

  1. Abundance; bounty; copiousness; sufficient quantity; wealth of food.
  2. Fullness; completeness; perfection; satisfaction; contentment.
  3. Multitude; large numbers.

pliant, adj. [Fr. < plier, to bend.]

Elastic; adjustable; flexible; adaptable; [fig.] easy; simple; effortless; conducive; ready.

plight, n. [OE pliht, danger, damage, risk.] (webplay: hands).

Circumstance; happening; occurrence; difficulty; predicament; [fig.] death; funeral ceremony.

plight, v. [OE plihtan < pliht, see plight, n.] (webplay: pledge).

Promise; swear; pledge; covenant; vow; negotiate; enter into a contract; make a bargain; participate in a solemn agreement.

plod (-ding), v. [Prob. onomatopoeic; poss. ME plod, puddle, pool.]

Follow; trace; trail; move after; pursue slowly and steadily; [fig.] watch intently; lie in wait.

plodding, adj. [see plod, v.]

Slow; steady; persevering; languid; sluggish; characterized by laborious, unhurried movement.

plot (-s), n. [Origin obscure.] (webplay: natural, moments, subject, unfolded).

  1. Garden; plant bed; patch of soil.
  2. Intrigue; subterfuge; secret plan; stealthy scheme; [fig.] mystery; riddle; enigma.