Lexicon: pangless – paradise

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pangless, adj. [see pang.]

Painless; without regret; free from sorrow; [fig.] peaceful; content.

pant (-ing), v. [OFr pantoisier, pant, breathe with labor.] (webplay: heart).

  1. Breathe laboriously; struggle for breath after physical exertion; rapidly heave the chest in exhaustion.
  2. Beat rapidly; palpitate; flutter.

panther, n. [ME pantere < OFr pantèe < L. panthēra < Gk.]

Fierce wildcat; ferocious leopard; wild, flesh-devouring mammal; [fig.] intense agony; torturous pain; extreme suffering.

panting, verbal adj. [see pant, v.] (webplay: trees, whispering).

  1. Weary; exhausted; tired.
  2. Warbling; vibrato; pulsating.
  3. Quivering; trembling; agitated by the wind.

pantomime, n. [L. pantomīmus, one who plays a part by dumb show.]

Simulation; replica; likeness; actor; pretender; counterfeit; imposter; [fig.] dead body; corpse; physical frame of a human being from which the living spirit has departed.

pantry, n. [OFr paneterie, bread-room, bread-closet.]

Cupboard; closet where food supplies are kept; storage room for provisions.

papa, n. [Fr.]

Daddy; Abba; affectionate father; God [diminutive, used by a child.]

parade (-s), n. [Fr. 'boasting appearance, show, vaunting offer < It. parata, a warding or defending, a dighting or garish setting forth.] (webplay: hour, order, pompous, prepare, procession).

  1. Elaborate display; showy exhibition.
  2. Burial procession; funeral cortege.

parade, v. [see parade, n.]

Flaunt; show off; display ostentatiously; exhibit gloatingly.

paradise (-'), n. [Early ME < Fr. < L. < Gk < OPers. pairidaēza enclosure, park < pairi, around + diz, to mould, form.] (webplay: Adam, birds of Paradise, bliss, creation, day, delight, earth, east, Eden, felicity, heaven, natives, place, seat, souls after death, supreme).

  1. The garden of Eden; beautiful dwelling place of Adam and Eve; lush and exotic region of surpassing beauty; delight; bliss.
  2. Heaven; immortality; the afterlife; eternal rest; the dwelling place of God and his angels; the abode of righteous souls after death.
  3. Glory; exaltation.