Lexicon: populate – portable

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populate, adj. [Late L. populāt-us < populāre, to inhabit.]

Full; filled with inhabitants.

populate (-s), v. [L. populāre, to people or inhabit.] (webplay: citizens, containing, estimated, lands).

Fill; people; cause to be occupied; furnish with inhabitants.

population, n. [Late L. populātiōn-em, population, multitude < populāre, to people or inhabit.] (webplay: full, know).

  1. Census; head count; number of inhabitants; specified quantity of residents; total amount of citizens.
  2. Group; multitude; class; community; nation; particular collection of individuals.
  3. Residents; dwellers; tenants; people; humanity; mortals; human beings; inhabitants of the earth.

populous, adj. [L. populōs-us < popul-us, people.] (webplay: popular man, portion, victor).

Phrase. “Populous with”: crowded with; full of; filled with; replete with; abounding in; characterized by.

porcelain, n. [Fr. porcelaine, Venus shell, cowrie, dense polished shell substance, chinaware < It. porcellana.]

  1. Chinaware; set of dishes; table service; [fig.] possession; property; belonging. (1445/1470)
  2. Fragile, translucent earthenware; delicate white substance used to make fine dishes.

porch, n. [Fr. < L. portic-us, colonnade, gallery, porch.]

Veranda; vestibule; doorstep; covered entryway; [metonymy] house; cottage; home; abode; residence; lodging; dwelling place; [fig.] casket; grave; tomb; sepulcher; burial vault.

pore, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk πόρος, passage, pore.]

Perspiration duct; tiny opening in the skin; minute aperture; [fig.] inch; bit; minuscule portion.

pore (-d), v. [ME pūren; origin obscure.] (webplay: books, dull, long, patient, slow).

Study; ponder; dwell on; painstakingly read; persevere diligently in examining a difficult text.

port (-s), n. [OE < L. port-us, haven, harbor.] (webplay: air, bear, cargo, commerce, different, easily, gale, heaven, lie, place, put, sea, side, turn, voice, waits, wind).

  1. Harbor; cove; bay; landing; pier; wharf; sheltered inlet; docking place; [fig.] haven; sanctuary; safe place; refuge from the storm.
  2. Seaside city; major center of shipping and commerce.
  3. Unloading place; [fig.] friend; lover; supportive person who listens and comforts. (506/349)
  4. [Fig.] death; decease; final resting place; occasion of leaving mortality.

portable, adj. [Fr. < Late L. portābilis, that may be carried < portāre, bear, carry.] (webplay: heaven).

Not fixed; not immovable; capable of being dismantled; [fig.] changeable; no longer perceived as existing.