Lexicon: positively – posterior

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positively, adv. [see positive, adj.] (webplay: people, species, witness).

Surely; definitely; certainly; assuredly; absolutely.

possess (-ed, -eth, -ing, possest), v. [OFr < L. possidēre, to possess.] (webplay: agent, dwelling, good, great, have, house, life, long, madness, man, minds, obtain, own, places, proof, sound, take, thing, title, unspeakable, world).

  1. Fill; pervade; seize; overcome; overtake; overpower.
  2. Enjoy; experience; receive; get.
  3. Retain; withhold; [fig.] know; understand; have knowledge of.
  4. Deserve; merit.
  5. Exhibit; show; demonstrate; manifest; [fig.] have as a native quality.
  6. Own; have; keep; take as property; hold as a personal belonging.

possession (-s), n. [OFr < L. possessiō-nem, seizing, occupation.] (webplay: ears, enter, estate, eternal, glory, good, have, hold, human, injury, just, long, man, obtain, own, permanent, proof, property, sit, wrongful).

  1. Property; belonging; asset; resource; holding; wealth; goods; riches.
  2. Owning; acquisition; having title or right to personal property.
  3. Land; inheritance; [fig.] promised land.

possibility, n. [Fr. < L. possibilitās < possibilis.] (webplay: circumscribed, love, peace, uncertainty).

  1. Chance; opportunity.
  2. Eventuality; prospect; potential; likelihood.
  3. Ability to accomplish or possess; chance of actually happening; opportunity for desires to be fulfilled.
  4. Lack of predictability; uncertainty about the course of future events; what may happen.
  5. [Fig.] power; force; influence; capacity to affect; ability to impact.
  6. [Fig.] mystery; intrigue; wonder; romance; unknown nature.
  7. [Fig.] poetry; verse; ability to express beauty through figurative language.

possible (-r), adj. [Fr. possible or L. possibilis, that can be or may be done, possible < posse, to be able.] (webplay: appear, being, existing, known, learn, love, may, suspend, things, uncertainty).

  1. Realistic; conceivable; plausible; able to happen.
  2. Likely; real; capable of existing.
  3. Feasible; practical; achievable; attainable; easily accomplished.

possible (-'s), n. [see possible, adj.] (webplay: action).

  1. Phrase. “The possible”: attainableness; that which can be grasped.
  2. Phrase. “The possible”: achievability; that which can be accomplished.

possibly, adv. [see possible, adj.] (webplay: being, course, existing, invested, known, may, new, reduce, sovereign, star, things).

  1. Likely; probably; conceivably; plausibly.
  2. Perhaps; perchance; maybe; even.

post (-s), n.

2 [Fr. < It. posta, station, stand.] (webplay: door, express). Messenger; herald; dispatcher; informer; letter carrier.

post (-s), n. 1 [OE < L. postis, post, door-post; Fr. poste, station, stand < L pōněre, place.] (webplay: fence).

  1. Stake; pole; upright piece of timber; vertical wooden support for a fence.
  2. Phrase. “Guide post”: sign; marker; indicator; notice board; [fig.] evidence; indication; signal; clue; hint.

posterior, adj. [L., 'coming after', 'following', 'future'.] (webplay: coming).

  1. Later; subsequent; following; consecutive; succeeding; next in the natural order; [fig.] replacing the former; filling the vacancy.
  2. Phrase. “Posterior to”: after; beyond; surpassing; [fig.] farther-reaching than; beyond the limit of; out of the grasp or control of.