Lexicon: precede – precision

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precede (-ed, preceding, -s), v. [Fr. < L. præcēděre, go before, excel.] (webplay: go, life).

  1. Come before; occur previous to; arrive earlier than.
  2. Introduce; preface; initiate; commence; usher in.
  3. Lead; scout; forge ahead; blaze a trail; act as a forerunner; find a path through unexplored territory; experience in advance.

preceding, verbal adj. [see precede.]

Previous; former; last; foregoing; past; prior.

precept, n. [L. præceptum, maxim, rule, order, command < præ, before, in front, in advance + capěre, take.]

Law; rule; order; mandate; command; decree; edict; principle; maxim.

preceptor, n. [L. præceptor, teacher, instructor.]

Teacher; instructor; professor; scholar; tutor; learned individual; educated one; knowledgeable specialist.

precinct (-s), n. [L. præcinctum, enclosure < præcingěre, gird, encircle.]

  1. Area; territory; place; space; [fig.] dwelling; abode; house; coffin; casket; sepulcher; grave; tomb; burial place.
  2. World; sphere; life; reality.
  3. Bounds; boundaries; limits; confines; [fig.] walls.

precious, adj. [ME < OFr < L. pretiōsus, costly, valuable < pretium, price, value.] (webplay: days, price, word).

Valuable; rare; priceless; beloved; appreciated; valued; recognized with gratitude.

precious, adv. [see precious, adj.] (webplay: vision).

Importantly; vitally; significantly; meaningfully; profoundly; seriously; earnestly.

precipice, n. [Fr. < L. præcipitium, a falling headlong, steep place.]

  1. Cliff; crag; brink; edge of an abyss; steep vertical rock face; perilously sheer mountain slope. (1545/1577)
  2. [Fig.] temptation; perilous enticement; dangerous allurement.

precise (-r, -ly), adv. [Fr. < L. præ, before, anteriorly, in front + cæděre, cut.] (webplay: hour, law, life, scrupulous exactness, time).

  1. Exactly; entirely; just; the same (as).
  2. Accurately; truly; genuinely; really; surely; absolutely.
  3. Only; exclusively; individually; exactly tailored to fit one person.
  4. Concurrently; at the exact moment; at the same time.
  5. Carefully; deliberately; ceremoniously.
  6. Phrase. “Precisely as”: depending on; based on; contingent on.

precision, n. [Fr. précision or L. præcīsiō-nem, a cutting off abruptly; see precise.]

Calculation; exactness; intent; design; strategy; premeditation; forethought; conscious deliberation; careful planning. F1732 Plots of Wit … unfold / The point with bland precision … untold