Lexicon: preconcerted – premise

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preconcerted, adj. [L. præ, before, in front, in advance + Fr. < It. concertare, proportion, accord together, agree, tune together, sing or play in concert.]

Settled; established; [fig.] content; satisfied; concerned; preoccupied.

predestined, verbal adj. [Fr. prédestiner or L. prædestināre, appoint or resolve upon beforehand < præ, before, in front, in advance + destināre, make fast, establish, determine, appoint.] (webplay: children).

  1. Foreordained; pre-appointed; consecrated; anointed.
  2. Predetermined; previously selected; chosen in advance.

predict (-ed), v. [L. præ, before, in front, in advance + dīcěre, say, tell.]

Expect; anticipate; await; foresee; forecast; foretell; know about beforehand.

preface, n. [Fr. < L. præfātio < præ, before, in front, in advance + fārī, speak.] (webplay: reader).

Introduction; preliminary remarks; prologue; prelude; explanatory section preceding the main body of a work of literature; [fig.] childhood; youth; early years of mortality.

prefer (-red), v. [Fr. < L. præfer-re, bear, put before or forward, prefer, advance < præ, before, in front + fer-re, bear.] (webplay: bear, before, character, choice, contend, desirable, hand, honor, joy, knowledge, life, men, mind, place, privilege, public, reasonings, spake).

  1. Want; desire; wish; please; intend; have in mind.
  2. Choose; select; opt for; want instead; value more highly; desire above anything else.
  3. Like; love; adore; prize; treasure; enjoy; be partial to; be fond of.
  4. Phrase. “Prefer to” or “Prefer against”: desire above; choose over; want instead of; value more highly than.

preferment, n. [see prefer, v.] (webplay: station).

Promotion; ennoblement; advancement to a higher office; raising in rank or position.

preferred, verbal adj. [see prefer, v.]

Popular; common; sought after; desirable; [fig.] well-traveled.

preliminary, adj. [Fr. préliminaire or L. præ, before + līmen, threshold.]

Previous; preceding; prior; foregoing; antecedent; anterior; former; earlier; preparatory; introductory; [fig.] mortal; earthly.

premature, adj. [L. præmātūr-us, very early, too early < præ, before + mātūrus, ripe, timely.]

Hasty; rash; too early; shortsighted; accepted too soon; not fully informed; created without sufficient evidence.

premise (-s), n. [Fr. < L. præmissa, proposition set in front < præ-, before + mittěre, send.] (webplay: inference).

Supposition; assumption; hypothesis; theory; proposition held to be true; pre-accepted condition; basic postulate assumed to be correct which leads to a logical conclusion.