Lexicon: premium – presentiment

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premium, n. [L. præmium, booty, profit from booty, advantage, reward < præ, before + eměre, buy, take.] (webplay: reward).

Reward; prize; endowment; compensation; payment; dividend; earning.

preparation, n. [see prepare, v.] (webplay: act, future).

Readiness; foresight; forethought; foreknowledge; planning; warning; previous adaptation.

prepare (-d, -s), v. [Fr. < L. præ, before + parāre, make ready.] (webplay: God, heaven, horses, meet thy God, music, nation, nature).

  1. Fit; adapt; qualify; prime; educate; train; make ready.
  2. Create; make; design; invent; produce.
  3. Chart; sketch; outline; describe; [fig.] envision; teach; propose; purport; claim; write.
  4. Brace oneself for the inevitable; steel the emotions for approaching death of a loved one; embalm; preserve a body; make a body ready for burial.

prerogative, n. [Fr. < L. prærogātīva, previous choice or election, foretoken, prognostic, preference, privilege, prerogative.]

Right; privilege; entitlement; authority; claim; advantage; prerequisite; condition; stipulation; essential requirement.

Presbyterian, proper adj. [Late Latin 'priest's house'.]

Priestly; pastoral; ministerial; orthodox; traditional; [fig.] conservative; formal; proper; respectable; decorous; dignified; stately.

presence, n. [OFr < L. præsentia; see present, adj.] (webplay: act, appearance, bear, before, birds, chamber, company, court, day, esteem, existence, face, facts, God, great, hand, hear, institution, know, living, men, mind, party, past, person, place, prayer, principles, set, society, son, soon, thoughts, time, towns, truths, virtue, year).

  1. Company; society; association.
  2. Proximity to God; ability to physically approach Deity; right to enter the court of a Supreme Being.
  3. Reality; actual material; [fig.] spirit; being; real essence.
  4. Proximity; nearness; closeness; state of being located physically nearby; [fig.] feeling; emotion; lingering sensation.
  5. Certainty; surety; possession; tangible thing; object physically grasped; thing known for certain because it is physically near and visible.
  6. Existence; reality; actual fact of being.
  7. Realm; sphere; domain; place; location; [fig.] situation; circumstance; condition; environment; surroundings.
  8. Influence; energy; glory; warmth and light.
  9. Creature; angel; messenger; spiritual being; [fig.] songbird.
  10. Ego; self; identity; posture; attitude.

present, adj. [OFr < L. præsent-um, present, immediate, prompt, being before, being at hand.] (webplay: answer, attentive, before, birds, chamber, day, earth, existence, face, graceful, know, men, society, speak, time, year).

  1. Near; in close proximity; not absent; [fig.] tangible; visible; real.
  2. Alive; mortal.
  3. Existing; happening; occurring; observed; perceived.
  4. Available; accessible; ready; at hand.
  5. There; in attendance; on the scene.
  6. Current; immediate; actual.

present (-s), n. [see present, v. and adj.] (webplay: act, bold, day, different, fear, given, God, hand, hear, know, living, past, speak, time).

  1. Now; current time period.
  2. Gift; endowment; bequest; inheritance; legacy; [fig.] talent; unusual skill; special ability.
  3. Prize; award; reward; goal; aim.
  4. Phrase. “At present”: for now; until further notice; until a later date.

present (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OFr < L. præsentāre, place before, exhibit, hold out, exhibit a likeness to; see present, adj.] (webplay: attentive, battle, before, birds, bold, chamber, company, court, day, dignity, dollars, esteem, exercise, face, find, future, graceful, great, hear, high, know, living, men, mind, offer, place, right, society, state, thing, time).

  1. Display; exhibit; show.
  2. Appear; show up; be visible.
  3. Exemplify; embody; be characterized by.
  4. Tell; reveal; disclose; expose.
  5. Declare; offer as proof.
  6. Offer; give; bestow; extend; make available; announce as accessible.
  7. Furnish; endow; provide.
  8. Introduce; acquaint; make known.
  9. Carry; bear; hold; poise.
  10. [Fig.] resurrect; raise; lift.

presentiment, n. [Fr. < L. præ, before + sentīre, feel.] (webplay: indicative, notice).

Premonition; anticipation; prophecy; prognostication; foreboding; omen; previous apprehension of future events.