Lexicon: pretty – price

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pretty, adv. [see pretty, adj.] (webplay: children, gentleman, pleasingly).

Rather; comparatively; fairly; tolerably; moderately; very.

prevail (-s), v. [ME < L. prævalēre, be very able, have greater power or worth, prevail < præ, before + valēre.] (webplay: evening, general, knew, love, star).

  1. Win; conquer; triumph; overcome; be victorious; have the advantage.
  2. Reign; dominate; abound; pervade the atmosphere; fill the air. (219/318)
  3. Continue; keep going; abide; remain; persist; take place; happen.
  4. Phrase. “Prevail opon”: take; overtake; catch up to; overcome; conquer; have power over; exert influence on.

prevailing, verbal adj. [see prevail, v.] (webplay: before).

Predominant; dominating; foremost; overwhelming; most common; most abundant.

prevalent, adj. [L. prævalēns, very strong or powerful; see prevail, v.] (webplay: men).

Common; usual; [fig.] happening; occurring; experienced; undertaken.

prevent (-ed), v. [L. prævenīre, come before, precede, anticipate, excel < præ, before + venīre, come.] (webplay: time).

  1. Hinder; stop; impede; block; forestall; keep.
  2. Keep out; shut out; impede the entry of; make impossible the approach of.

previous, adj. [L. prævi-us, going before, leading the way < præ, before + via, way.]

  1. Early; original; prior; antecedent; antedating; preceding; existing before.
  2. Anticipatory; timely; given before it was too late.

previous, adv. [see previous, adj.]

Formerly; already; hitherto; at an earlier time.

prevision, n. [Fr. < L. prævidēre, foresee, anticipate < præ, before + vidēre, see.]

Foresight; foreknowledge; forethought; premeditation; calculation; intent; design; strategy; conscious deliberation; careful planning. 1697 Plots of Wit … unfold / The point with bland prevision … untold

prey, n. [ME < OFr < L. præda, booty, spoil, prey.]

  1. Victim; quarry; hunted creature; animal seized by a predator for food.
  2. Pillage; plunder; spoil; booty; seized goods.

price (-s), n. [ME < OFr < late L. precium (pretium), price, value, wages, reward.] (webplay: deserves, hands, house, market, paid, pawn, praise, redemption, sold, worth).

  1. Cost; amount; sum of money or goods required to purchase.
  2. Requirement; demand; stipulation; prerequisite; precondition of a contract; obligatory sum or thing given in exchange for another thing.
  3. Sacrifice; payment; loss; act of giving up something of value in exchange for something else.
  4. Value; worth.
  5. [Fig.] precious commodity; valuable asset; invaluable possession.
  6. [Fig.] commerce; trade; business; selling out; greedy act of taking payment for invaluable goods or gifts.