Lexicon: priceless – primer

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priceless, adj. [see price, n.] (webplay: admit, exchange, redemption).

Precious; beloved; cherished; valued; costly; invaluable; esteemed as having great worth.

prick (-s), v. [Late OE < WGer *prikôjan.] (webplay: ear, pierce).

  1. Stab; jab; cause pain to; cause to suffer; [fig.] touch; affect; reach.
  2. Raise; erect; open; alert; prepare; ready; make sensitive.

prickle (-d), v. [OE pricel.] (webplay: place, sun).

Sting; bite; tingle; burn; smart; cause a sharp pain.

prickly (pricklier), adj. [see prickle, v.] (webplay: grows, pain, sun).

  1. Irritating; unpleasant; disagreeable; [fig.] complicated; complex; difficult; inexplicable.
  2. Acute; intense; keen; sharp; painful; smarting; stinging; piercing; stabbing.

pride, n. [Late OE < OFr prūd, see proud, v.] (webplay: beauty, graceful, pass'd, persons, wearer's).

  1. Conceit; arrogance; vanity; egoism; lack of humility; inordinate self-esteem; display of superiority over others.
  2. Satisfaction; self-respect; healthy self-esteem; pleasure in accomplishments.
  3. Adornment; decoration; ornament.

priest (-s), n. [OE < L. presbyter < Gk πρεσβύτερος, elder.]

Clergyman; pastor; minister; religious officer who conducts sacred rituals.

prig, n. [Origin obscure.]

Didactic person; self-righteous individual; sanctimonious being; excessively pious creature; affected propriety; pharisaical attitude; holier-than-thou manner.

prima, n. [It. prima < L. prīm-us, first.]

Ballerina; dancer; highest ranking female dancer in a ballet troupe.

prime, n. [OE < L. prīma < prīma hōra, first hour < prīm-us, first.] (webplay: first, part, time).

  1. Dawn; morning; sunrise; opening of day; [fig.] fullness; best point; perfect time.
  2. Youth; health; beauty.

primer, n. [L. prīm-us, first.] (webplay: book, life, read, sweet, teaching, world).

  1. Introduction; textbook; basic handbook; beginning-level manual; elementary explanation; [fig.] Bible; scripture.
  2. Preparation; teaching; instruction; drill; exercise; training; practice; introductory course.