Lexicon: prison – probability

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prison (-s), n. [Early ME < OFr < L. prensiōn-em, seizing, apprehending < prehenděre, seize.] (webplay: binds, criminal, jail, liberty, take).

  1. Jail; dungeon; penitentiary; detention cell; place of confinement; penal facility; enforced restraint; loss of liberty.
  2. [Fig.] grave; sepulcher; tomb; death; eternal sleep.
  3. [Fig.] body; frame; mortal tabernacle; housing for the human spirit.
  4. Phrase. “Scarlet prison”: body of Christ; hands and feet of the crucified Lord.

prisoner, n. [ME < Fr. < medieval L. pris(i)ōnāri-us; see prison, n.] (webplay: liberty).

Captive; hostage; inmate; detainee; restrained person; confined individual.

prithee, interj. [Early Mod. E colloquialism for “I pray thee”; see pray, v.]

  1. Please; if you please; I invite you. 2/A13-2 prithee, my Brother, / into my garden come!
  2. Please tell me; I ask you.

privacy, n. [see private, adj.] (webplay: life, right, society, solitude, way).

  1. Concealment; secret location; hiding place; unobserved position.
  2. Solitude; seclusion; retirement; aloneness; isolation; [fig.] burial; occupation of a casket.

private, adj. [L. prīvāt-us, withdrawn from public life, deprived of office, peculiar to oneself, private < prīv-āre, bereave, deprive < prīv-us, single, individual, private, peculiar, deprived.] (webplay: known, private interest, secrecy).

  1. Silent; unseen; undetected; unperceived by sight; not audible to hearing.
  2. Personal; own; individual; peculiar; particular; confidential; secret; unrevealed.

privately, adv. [see private.]

Commonly; ordinarily; usually; unostentatiously; humbly; without publicity or fanfare; stealthily; furtively; solitarily; separately; singly; separately; remotely; inaccessibly; unreachably.

privilege, n. [L. prīvilēgi-um, law in favor of or against an individual, privilege, prerogative < prīv-us, private, peculiar + lēgem, law.] (webplay: advantage, common, custom, held, individual, men, palace, public, raise, right, separate).

  1. Rare pleasure; special blessing; unusual favor; uncommon reward; remarkable benefit.
  2. Right; advantage; entitlement; license; permission; exclusive permit.
  3. Ability; opportunity; chance.

prize (-s), n. [ME prīs; see price, n.] (webplay: crown, deemed, estimate, eyes, gained, obtained, offered, plunder).

  1. Spoil; booty; winnings; loot; plunder; pillaged goods.
  2. Reward; award; gift; endowment; compensation.
  3. Possession; property.
  4. Victim; prey; quarry; [fig.] creature; being; hunted person; desired individual.

prize, v. [MFr prisier, priser.]

  1. Take; seize; capture; confiscate.
  2. Value; esteem; cherish; treasure; appreciate; hold dear; deem to be of great worth; recognize the rarity of; fail to take for granted.

probability, n. [Fr. < L. probābil-is; see probable, adj.]

Likelihood; plausibility; possibility; chance; reasonable certainty.