Lexicon: probable – proclaim

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probable, adj. [Fr. probable or L. probābil-is, that may be proved, probable, credible < prob-āre, try, test, approve, make good.]

Likely; possible; feasible; practicable; viable; reasonably certain; beyond doubt; [fig.] promising; encouraging; hopeful; heartening.

probably, adv. [see probable.]

Likely; apparently; presumably; evidently; supposedly; ostensibly; doubtless; obviously.

probe (-d), v. [Late L. proba, proof, examination < prob-āre, try, test; see prove.]

Search; analyze; scrutinize; examine thoroughly; explore the depths of; study; ponder; consider; think about; mull over.

probing, verbal adj. [see probe.]

Analytical; thoughtful; pondering; examining; scrutinizing.

probity, n. [L. probitās, goodness, honesty, modesty < prob-us, good, honest.]

  1. Virtue; modesty; morality; integrity; uprightness; decency; rectitude; righteousness.
  2. Strict conformity to law; compliance with the terms of an agreement.

problem (-s), n. [ME < Fr. < L. problēma < Gk πρόβλημα, thing thrown or put forward, question propounded for solution, set task, problem < πρό, before + βάλλειν, to throw.] (webplay: fall, gate, solution).

  1. Question; riddle; puzzle; mystery; enigma; dilemma; difficulty; task; exercise.
  2. Exercise in arithmetic; numerical computation; assignment to solve a mathematical question.
  3. [Fig.] complexity of life; difficulty of mortality; task of solving the mystery of life and death.

proceed (-s), v. [ME < Fr. < L. prōcēd-ěre, go forward, advance, go on < prō-, before + cēdere, give way, yield, retreat.] (webplay: created, day, God, man, pass, progress, sun).

  1. Go; walk; travel; progress; advance.
  2. Continue; carry on; keep going.

process (-es), n. [ME < Fr. < L. prōcess-us, advance, progress, process, lapse of time; see proceed, v.] (webplay: actions, bright, cause, day, decay, design, formal, funeral, God, gradual, growth, heart, man, produce, sun, time, wise).

  1. Phenomenon; development; evolution; cycle; pattern; progression; series of events; growth; ripening; maturing.
  2. Course; passage. (925/841)
  3. [Fig.] errand; task; work; action; experiment; design.
  4. [Fig.] existence; occurrence; presence; being.

procession (-s), n. [Early ME < Fr. < L prōcessiōnem, marching onwards, advance; see proceed, v.] (webplay: go, triumphal).

  1. Parade; assembly; crowd; ceremonious line of people marching in orderly succession.
  2. Funeral cortege; [fig.] litany; prayer; funeral service.
  3. [Fig.] heavenly host; concourse of angels; multitude of the righteous in heaven.

proclaim (-ed, -ing), v. [ME < L prōclām-āre, cry out < prō-, before + clāmā-re, call, declare aloud, call upon.] (webplay: men, public).

  1. Announce; declare; affirm; profess; publish; utter openly; make known to all by public communication.
  2. Prove; reveal; show; expose; uncloak; unmask; make known; make manifest; point out; denounce as.