Lexicon: parasol – Parian

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parasol (-s), n. [Fr. < It. para, for + sole, sun.] (webplay: ladies, rain, umbrella).

  1. Dainty umbrella; elegant, handheld, collapsible shade used by ladies to shield their faces from the sun.
  2. [Fig.] delicate wings of a butterfly.
  3. [Fig.] exquisitely thin petals of a morning-glory flower; fragile life.

parcel, n. [Fr. parcelle < L. pars, part.] (webplay: belonging, persons, white).

Package; bundle; wrapped packet of costly goods sold to a purchaser.

parch (-ing), v. [Origin obscure.] (webplay: burn, dry, thirst).

  1. Experience thirst; desire water; be extremely dry; lack refreshment; desperately require drink; be feverish.
  2. Scorch; burn; dry; wither in the intense heat of the sun.

parched, verbal adj. [see parch, v.] (webplay: dry, sun).

Dehydrated; extremely dry; devoid of moisture; withered from intense heat; burned by the sun's rays.

parching, verbal n. [see parch, v.] (webplay: thirst).

  1. Thirst; dehydration; lack of drink; desire for water; inability to quench the need for refreshment.
  2. Feverish person; one who thirsts; one who desires refreshment.

pard, n. [OFr < L. pard-us < Gk 'panther'.] (webplay: leopard).

Leopard; panther; wild feline native to Asia.

pardon, n. [ME < OFr perdun.] (webplay: release).

Forgiveness; mercy; release from guilt; freedom from pain.

pardon (-ed), v. [OFr pardoner = L. per, through + dōnāre, to give.] (webplay: bear, suffer).

  1. Forgive; excuse; overlook.
  2. Compassionately withhold censure from; agree to forego punishing; mercifully refrain from rebuking

pare, v. [Fr. pare-r < L. parāre, to make fit or ready.] (webplay: stop).

  1. Trim; tailor; cut; carve; chisel away an opening through.
  2. Separate; cut off; sunder; force apart; disjoin.

Parian, proper n. [L. Pari-us, of Paros.]

Pure whiteness; color of exquisite white marble from the island of Paros in the Aegean Sea; [fig.] snow.