Lexicon: Prometheus – prone

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Prometheus, proper n. [L. < Gk promethes, foresightful.] (webplay: fire).

Greek demigod; ancient being who created humans out of clay; giant who gave the gift of fire to humankind; Titan being whom Zeus punished on a peak in the Caucasus for teaching mortals how to use fire.

promise, n. [L. prōmiss-um, a promise < prōmitt-ěre, let go or send forth, put forth, promise, give hope of, foretell < prō, in front + mitt-ere, let go, send.] (webplay: commanded, day's, grant, great, obedience, perfect).

  1. Assurance; surety; certainty; security; comfort.
  2. Declaration; contract; pact; attestation; troth; plight; covenant; vow; pledge; binding agreement; assurance of fidelity; [fig.] betrothal.
  3. Imminent future event; [fig.] death; grave; casket.

promise (-d), v. [see promise, n.] (webplay: demand, fear, man, power, words).

  1. Covenant; vow; commit; swear; pledge; guarantee; solemnly agree; take a binding oath. (648/762, 1464/1516)
  2. Assure; offer as comfort; declare with certainty; [fig.] prophesy; foretell.

promote (-d), v. [L. prōmov-ēre, move forward, advance < prō, in front + movēre, move.]

  1. Expedite; further; hasten; encourage; forward; facilitate.
  2. Advance; raise; exalt; bestow a higher rank upon; [fig.] glorify; raise to heaven; find worthy to advance to an exalted state.

prompt (-er), adj. [Fr. or L. < prōm-ěre, bring forth or out, produce, bring to light < prō, in front + em-ěre, take, buy.] (webplay: boldness).

  1. Quick; swift; rapid; sudden; immediate; instantaneous; punctual; on time; well-timed; without delay.
  2. Forward; outspoken; vocal; candid; audacious; saucy; spirited; presumptuous.

prompt (-er), adv. [see prompt, adj.] (webplay: love, worlds).

  1. Quickly; swiftly; rapidly; suddenly; hastily; immediately; punctually.
  2. Phrase. “Prompt as”: immediately; instantly; as soon as; at the moment; just as.

prompt (-ed), v. [see prompt, adj.]

Encourage; incite; convince; spur on; urge; inspire; influence to undertake a difficult endeavor.

promptly, adv. [see prompt, adj.] (webplay: angels, crown, forgotten).

Immediately; instantly; punctually; directly; straightaway; soon; shortly; presently; without delay.

promptness, n. [see prompt, adj.] (webplay: easy).

Readiness; briskness; eagerness; alacrity.

prone, adj. [L. prōn-us, bent or leaning forward, disposed, prone to, favorable, easy.] (webplay: bending, hill, land, look).

  1. Inclined; disposed; given; tending.
  2. Likely; apt.