Lexicon: propitiation – prosaic

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propitiation (-'s), n. [see propitiate, v.]

Conciliation; appeasement; effort to calm wrath; attempt to gain the favor of an offended being.

propitious, adj. [Late ME < OFr < L. propiti-us, favorable, gracious, kind.]

Favorable; auspicious; opportune; providential; [fig.] calm; allowing safe travel.

proportion, n. [ME < Fr. < L. prōportiōn-em, proportion, comparative relation, analogy < prō portiōne, in respect of his or its share < prō, on account of + portiō-nem, share, part.]

Size; magnitude; enormousness; immenseness; quality; worth; value; importance.

proportion (-ed), v. [ME < OFr < L. prōportiōn-āre; see proportion, n.] (webplay: face, reducing).

Adjust; adapt; accommodate; tailor; suit; fit; estimate; make appropriate; make greater or lesser in proper relation.

propose (-d), v. [Fr. propose-r < pro-, before, in front of + poser, lay down, set down < L. pausāre, halt, cease, pause, rest; confused with pōněre, lay to rest, put or set down, place.]

  1. Plan; determine; intend; mean; aim; aspire; decide; expect; hope; desire.
  2. Suggest; advocate; advise; encourage; promote; recommend; present for consideration; bring a possibility to the attention of another; [fig.] offer; ask; invite; request a woman's hand in marriage.

proposition, n. [ME < Fr. < L. prōpositiōn-em, setting forth, purpose, theme, statement < prōpōn-ěre, see propound, v.]

Offer; bargain; deal; potential arrangement; opportunity extended; transaction made available.

propound (-ed, -eth), v. [L. prō, in front of, before + pōn-ěre, put, place.]

  1. Propose; offer; declare formally; publicly announce; proclaim the intent to marry in legal terms; [fig.] buzz; make noise about.
  2. Suggest; recommend; extend; advocate; present for acceptance.
  3. Express; promote; put forward; present for consideration; [fig.] chant; sing; intone; perform musically.
  4. State; declare; answer; reply affirmatively.
  5. Exhibit; display; show; make visible; expose to sight; present to view.

propounded, verbal adj. [see propound, v.] (webplay: candidate).

Possible; potential; prospective; [fig.] recommended for religious consecration; [Congregational Church] proposed for membership; named as a candidate for communion; notified as a potential new member; suggested for nomination, candidacy, and election.

propriety, n. [ME < Fr. < L. proprietāt-em; see property.]

Civility; dignity; courtesy; decency; politeness; decorum; grace; modesty; genteelness; gentlemanly conduct; good manners; correct behavior.

prosaic, adj. [Med. L. prōsaic-us; see prose, n.] (webplay: days, poetical).

Ordinary; plain; drab; dull; dreary; colorless; uninspiring.