Lexicon: public – pulse

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public, adj. [ME < Fr. < L. pūblicus < poplus, people.] (webplay: grieve, house, just, knowledge, mindedness, name, report).

  1. Open; noticeable; conspicuous; unconcealed; indiscreet; bold; pretentious; ostentatious; audaciously visible to all; blatantly manifest to the general population.
  2. Common; central; community; municipal; town; accessible to all; belonging to the city as a whole.

public, n. [see public, adj.] (webplay: new, proclamation, sun, world).

Audience; people; population; circle of attendants; group of spectators; congregation of fans; body of admirers.

publication, n. [ME < OFr < L.; see publish, v.] (webplay: man, mindedness, sale, spirit).

Marketing; general release; commercial distribution; sale of an author's creation; issue of a book; printing of a written work for distribution to the general public; [fig.] fame; exposure; disclosure; revelation to common knowledge.

publicity, n. [see public, adj.] (webplay: careless, just, keeper, law, property, secresy).

  1. Disclosure; mentioning openly; revelation to general knowledge.
  2. Notoriety; fame; scandal; [fig.] exposure; immodesty; exhibitionism.

publish (-ed, -es), v. [ME < OFr < L. pūblicāre, make public, publish, confiscate; see public, adj.] (webplay: common, every, grieve, hand, knowledge, use, whole, words, world).

  1. Utter; produce; convey; transmit; bring forth; express audibly; communicate generally; share verbally; [fig.] sing; chirp; emit vocally; chant aloud.
  2. Appear; materialize; emerge; issue; release; come into view.
  3. Display; exhibit; show; become manifest.
  4. Duplicate; make an exact copy available for viewing; [fig.] photograph; illustrate; illuminate.

Puck (-'s), proper n. [OE púca, mischievous demon.]

Daemon; Satan; devil; Hobgoblin; Robin Goodfellow; mischievous sprite; malicious spirit; Shakespeare character (see A Midsummer Night's Dream).

pull (-ed), v. [OE pullian, origin unknown.] (webplay: hat, push).

  1. Take; draw; pluck; wrench.
  2. Phrase. “Pull off”: remove; divest; slip off; take off.

pulpit, n. [L. pulpit-um, scaffold, platform, stage, church pulpit.]

Stage; platform; podium; dais; elevated rostrum in a church where the preacher stands; [fig.] clergyman; preacher; pastor.

pulpy, adj. [L. pulpa, fleshy portion of the animal body, pulp of fruit, pith of wood.]

Fleshy; soft.

pulse, n. [ME < OFr < L. puls-us, beating of the veins < pellěre, drive, beat.]

Heartbeat; rhythm of blood coursing through the veins; throbbing force of life.