Lexicon: pumpkin – punish

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pumpkin (-s), n. [Altered form of pumion < Fr. pompon < L. pepo < Gk πέπων, large melon, pumpkin.]

  1. Large pulpy fruit of the squash family harvested in fall; round, deep-orange vegetable which ripens in autumn. (1407/1419)
  2. [Fig.] fruit; crop; yield; harvest; product.

punctual, adj. [L. punctu-s, pricking, point.] (webplay: observant, small).

  1. Prompt; timely; on schedule; predictable; regular; unvarying; reliable; dependable; constant; unfailing; inevitable.
  2. Particular; punctilious; precise; scrupulous; attentive to details.

punctual, adv. [see punctual, adj.]

  1. Abruptly; suddenly; instantaneously.
  2. Promptly; regularly; constantly; unfailingly.

punctuality, n. [see punctual.] (webplay: small).

Promptness; regularity; reliability; dependability; constancy; exactness; punctiliousness; scrupulous attention to detail; [fig.] awareness of time and seasons.

punctuate, v. [L. punctuāre, prick, point, appoint; see punctual.]

Accentuate; interrupt the flow of; [fig.] enhance; beautify; decorate; adorn; interrupt the blankness of.

punctuation, n. [see punctuate, v.] (webplay: small).

Pause; lull; rest; period of silence; quiet interval; pause in a psalm for mediation.

puncture, n. [L. punctūra, prick, puncture < pungěre, prick.] (webplay: honorable, needle, pierce).

  1. Pricking; stabbing; piercing action. [fig.] needle.
  2. Action of forcing nails through the flesh of Christ's hands and feet; [fig.] crucifixion; atoning sacrifice; ultimate suffering.

pungent, adj. [L. pungens, piquant to the smell or taste.] (webplay: acrid, taste).

  1. Sharp; biting; piercing; stabbing; prickling; harsh; acidic; [fig.] frosty; snappy; nippy with cold; signaling the approach of winter.
  2. Exciting; stimulating; captivating.
  3. Aromatic; fragrant; strong-smelling; emitting an intense scent; with the smell of pine needles.
  4. Bold; overwhelming; overbearing.

pungent, n. [see pungent, adj.]

Spice; zest; chutney; sharp seasoning; taste-enhancing agent; acrid relish that pricks the taste buds of the tongue; edible substance that provides a strong flavor to complement a food item.

punish, v. [Fr. < L. pūnīre, punish < Gk ποινή, fine, penalty, requital, punishment.] (webplay: life, loss).

  1. Chastise; admonish; reprove; condemn; penalize; discipline; inflict unpleasant restrictions on in consequence of sinful actions.
  2. Harm; hinder; wreak vengeance on.
  3. Afflict; cause to suffer; inflict tribulation on; plague with trials.