Lexicon: purposeless – putting

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purposeless, adj. [see purpose, n.] (webplay: design, men, worketh).

Aimless; haphazard; random; without apparent pattern.

purr (-ing, -s), v. [Echoic.]

Hum; murmur with contentment; [fig.] remain inactive.

purse, n. [OE < late L. bursa, purse < Gk βύρσα, hide, leather.]

Wallet; billfold; money bag; [fig.] budget; available funds; monetary resources.

pursue (-d, pursuing, -s), v. [ME < AFr < L. prō, forward, in front + sequī, follow.] (webplay: fame, fly, honor, knowledge, occupation, overtake, power, seek, view).

  1. Follow; chase; [fig.] haunt; hound; badger; shadow; stalk; trail; persistently remain with.
  2. Seek; hunt; search for; endeavor to find; strive to reach; attempt to gain.
  3. Continue; perform; study; engage in; be occupied with; be busy with.

pursuit, n. [see pursue, v.] (webplay: death, imitate).

  1. Search; seeking; following; act of chasing; attempt to grasp; desire for acquisition. (1382/1404)
  2. Occupation; vocation; business; aim; goal; interest; principle activity.

push, n. [see push, v.] (webplay: answer, emergence, force, talk, weigh).

  1. Pressure; application of force; assault; attack.
  2. Emergence; rush; surge; eruption; sudden appearance.
  3. Onset; experience; occurrence; occasion; growth; enlargement; swelling.
  4. Determined advance; approach; [fig.] authority; influence; leverage; persuasion; power; compulsion.

push (-ed, -ing), v. [Fr. pousser.] (webplay: actions, ball, bear, behind, draw, far, force, man-servant, press, soul, striking, sudden, weigh).

  1. Move; displace; brush; thrust; drive; shove; cause to change position by the application of physical force.
  2. Press; crush; apply steady pressure; oppress with physical force.
  3. Present; thrust; urge; project; advance persistently; insistently bring to the attention of someone.
  4. Burst; break; emerge.
  5. Flatten; smooth; suppress; forcefully change the shape of.
  6. [Fig.] attempt to escape.
  7. [Fig.] test; try; prove.
  8. [Fig.] follow; trace; track; trail; travel steadily in pursuit.

pussy (-'s), n. [Origin unknown.]

Cat; feline; hunter; predator; creature which enjoys toying with captured prey or playthings.

put (-s, -teth, -ting), v. [Late OE putian.] (webplay: Adam, answer, apples, assume, bear, body, book, countenance, defense, delay, demand, discard, dissatisfaction, drive, earth, enemy, enter, face, fire, fit, foot, future, garden, God, hand, hope, horse, kingdom, lay, leave, lodge, man, mind, move, observing, ocean, opportunities, pass, place, port, push, received, recompense, repose, sail, set, shape, shelf, suffer, think, throw, trust, twig, world).

  1. Place; lay; set; position; arrange.
  2. Send; dispatch; propel; convey; transport.
  3. Spread; share; disperse; distribute; disseminate; proliferate; scatter.
  4. Present; phrase; say; express.
  5. Ask; pose to; direct to.
  6. [Fig.] make; render; cause to be.
  7. [Fig.] publish; announce; make known.
  8. [Fig.] cut; bisect; separate; rip; tear.
  9. Phrase. “Put about”: launch; take off; set out; begin to fly.
  10. Phrase. “Put away”: abandon; ignore; discard; relinquish; give up; dispose of; cast aside; finish with.
  11. Phrase. “Put away”: hide; conceal; preserve; keep; save; place in storage; [fig.] bury; place in a grave.
  12. Phrase. “Put away”: die; be killed.
  13. Phrase. “Put back”: stay; stem; control; manage; inhibit; stop; check; block; hold back.
  14. Phrase. “Put behind”: abandon; forsake; desert; renounce; give up; forget; neglect; disregard; ignore; no longer consider important.
  15. Phrase. “Put by”: store; save; keep ready; set aside.
  16. Phrase. “Put down”: relinquish; let go of; give up possession of.
  17. Phrase. “Put down”: bury; entomb; place in a grave.
  18. Phrase. “Put from”: eliminate; eradicate; abolish; remove; get rid of; do away with.
  19. Phrase. “Put off”: discard; relinquish; abandon; give up; remove; shed; cast off.
  20. Phrase. “Put on”: wear; don; assume; clothe with; adorn (oneself) with.
  21. Phrase. “Put out”: extinguish; smother; snuff out.
  22. Phrase. “Put out”: display; exhibit; expose; reveal; show off; open to view or perception.
  23. Phrase. “Put out”: overshadow; outshine; surpass in beauty; exceed in glory.
  24. Phrase. “Put to death”: kill; execute.
  25. Phrase. “Put to rest”: silence; overpower; make insignificant.
  26. Phrase. “Put up”: place in storage; lay on a shelf after use; relinquish; abandon; give up.
  27. Phrase. “Put up”: hang; suspend; fasten; secure.
  28. Phrase. “Put up”: raise; close; shut; secure; fasten; lock.
  29. Phrase. “Put up”: clasp over the face to hide it from view.

putting, verbal n. [see put, v.] (webplay: appearance, covering, earth).

  1. Phrase. “Putting away”: storage of; act of relinquishing.
  2. Phrase. “Putting out”: extinguishing; snuffing out; act of smothering.