Lexicon: passage – past

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passage, n. [Fr.] (webplay: certainty, come, go, mind, opinion, run, time, town, young).

  1. Entrance; entryway; threshold; [fig.] flower petal; opening of a bud where a butterfly is able to alight and sip nectar.
  2. Mental journey; imaginary trip; fanciful excursion.

passenger (-s), n. [ME < Fr. passager, passer-by, sojourner.] (webplay: between, bird, go, hinderance, night, run, safe, sun).

  1. Traveler; rider; one supported or carried.
  2. Emigrant; pilgrim; refugee; newcomer; one seeking residence in a new country.
  3. Lodger; tenant; [fig.] dead person; occupant of the grave.

passer by (passer-by), n. [see pass, v.] (webplay: day, exceed, flag, foot, God, help, near, place, prayers, residence, run, spring, sun).

  1. One moving near; one walking by.
  2. Bystander; onlooker; spectator; one not directly involved.

passing, verbal adj. [see pass, v.] (webplay: air, array, bear, bird, change, come, condition, country, die, day, earth, eye, fit, flower, go, grace, hinderance, judgment, light, narrow, passing fair, passing strange, permission, road, season, sentence, sight, sun, time, try, wait, winter's).

  1. Occurring; taking place; in progress.
  2. Temporary; brief; transitory; momentary; fleeting.
  3. Elapsing.
  4. Moving by; traveling near.

passing, verbal n. [see pass, v.]

Transition; fading; disappearance; moving away; [fig.] death.

passion, n. [OFr < L. passiōn-em, suffering.] (webplay: death, Easter, feeling, strong).

  1. Pain; torment; intense suffering of Jesus Christ before his death; severe emotional distress or physical affliction preceding death.
  2. Love; deep feeling; intense desire; strong romantic attraction.

passive (-r), adj. [L. passīv-us, capable of suffering or feeling.] (webplay: death, denial, flower, God, hatred, hope, joy, quiet, right, taught).

  1. Heedless; unresponsive; apathetic; indifferent; inattentive; unconcerned.
  2. Quiet; calm; emotionless; beyond feeling; [fig.] dead.
  3. Transitional; [word play on “passing”] dying; moving into the next life.
  4. Unresisting; not opposing; yielding with little or no struggle; helpless; defenseless.
  5. Dormant; temporarily inactive.

past (-'s), n. [see pass, v.] (webplay: act, company, depart, foot, future, God, heart, life, mind, out of reach, past cure or help, popular, present, push, reply, road, sense, sleep, stood, stretch, supportable, time, travel).

Departed time; previous experience; recollection of former events; duration of time up to the present moment; period of life already lived.

past, prep. [see pass, v.] (webplay: between, bird, come, company, day, die, estimation, extend, go, guest, land, life, line, lost, man, mountains, move, place, possessing, sailing, seas, side, town).

  1. Beyond; further than.
  2. Out of reach of.
  3. After.

past, verbal adj. [see pass, v.] (webplay: bird, certainty, come, day, die, earth, fit, foot, go, hour, juices, life, manner, mouth, north, offer, open, place, run, south).

  1. Gone; departed; finished; done; over; ended; concluded.
  2. Previous; former.
  3. No longer available.
  4. Withered; faded; bereft of former glory; no longer in bloom.