Lexicon: recently – recollect

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recently, adv. [L. recens.]

Lately; not long ago.

receptacle, n. [L. receptāculum < recipěre; see receive.]

Vessel; container; box; case; storage carton; [fig] casket; coffin; grave; tomb; abyss; death.

reception, n. [L. receptiōn-em < recipěre; see receive, v.] (webplay: hold).

Admission; entrance; greeting; welcoming; [fig.] presence.

recess, n. [L. recess-us < recēděre; see recede, v.]

Break; leisure; play time; recreation hour; time when school children pause from studying to engage in physical play outdoors.

recitation, n. [see recite, v.] (webplay: express, tell).

  1. Performance; enactment; act of reading aloud; public exhibition; staging in front of an audience.
  2. Lesson; task; assignment; [fig.] education; schooling; process of learning.

recite (-d), v. [L. re-, again + citāre, move, excite, summon < cīre, set in motion, call.]

  1. Pronounce; say; vocalize; utter; repeat; intone; sing; quote; read aloud.
  2. Describe; relate; narrate; tell about; give an account of.

reckon (-ed, -s), v. [OE < Germanic, perhaps < *reken-, clear, open, unobstructed.] (webplay: count, morning, relate, tell, time, year).

  1. Count; enumerate; compute; total; calculate; number.
  2. Be defined; be delineated; be described.

recognition, n. [see recognize, v.] (webplay: God, known, witnessed).

  1. Knowledge; remembrance; positive identification; acknowledgment of identity.
  2. Sight; perception; awareness; notice; realization; consciousness; understanding.

recognize (-d, recognizing), v. [OFr < L. recognōscěre < re-, again + co-, together + (g)nōscěre, know.] (webplay: formerly, God, known, remembrance, saints).

  1. Know; recollect; remember; recall; be familiar with; confess acquaintance with; acknowledge as previously encountered.
  2. See; perceive; notice; realize; understand; be aware of; acknowledge the existence of.
  3. Acknowledge; confess; glorify; praise.

recollect (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [L. re-, again + col-, together + ligěre, gather.] (webplay: back, before, call, consequence, knowledge, memory, met, name, period, place, remembrance, seen).

  1. Remember; recall; retain in memory; bring to mind again; keep from forgetting.
  2. Notice; perceive; see; become aware of; realize the existence of.
  3. Remind; cause to remember; hinder from forgetting.
  4. [Fig.] bear the scar of; retain proof of.
  5. [Fig.] reward; compensate.