Lexicon: recollecting – recover

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recollecting, n. [see recollect, v.] (webplay: gather, remembrance).

Memory; remembrance; act of recalling to mind; retention in memory; failure to forget.

recollection (-'s), n. [see recollect, v.] (webplay: before).

  1. Memory; remembrance; act of recalling to mind.
  2. [Fig.] mind; thought; cognition; thought processes.
  3. [Fig.] the past; previous experience; former times.

recompense, n. [see recompense, v.]

Reward; compensation; prize; payment; restitution; earned privilege.

recompense, v. [OFr < Late L. re-, again + com-, together + penděre, weigh.]

Compensate for; repay; give an adequate return for.

record, n. [see record, v.] (webplay: flute, heart, recite, tune).

  1. Knowledge; mortal memory; human history; official documentation; earthly annals; worldly news chronicle; proof resulting from a written account.
  2. Daybook; diary; journal; [fig.] elegy; eulogy; obituary; testimonial; tribute; recognition; memorial.
  3. Phrase. “On record”: in a written account; to the knowledge of humanity as a whole.

record (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OFr < L. re-, again + cor, heart.] (webplay: heart, historical, wind).

  1. Attest; certify; know by name; remember officially in church certificates; enroll legally in civic registers; [verbal adj.] literal; actual; true; real.
  2. Inscribe; chronicle in scripture texts; (see Genesis 32:24-30).
  3. Nominate; vote for; write the name of; [fig.] commemorate; memorialize; immortalize; vouch for.
  4. Declare; announce.
  5. Write; document; account; calculate; make known; testify of; preserve in written form for the benefit of future generations.
  6. Witness; view; verify; show the occurrence of.

recorded, verbal adj. [see record, v.]

Registered; on record; [fig.] learned by heart; imprinted on the memory; memorized as lines in a play.

recordless, adj. [see record, v.]

  1. Unproven by natural sciences; undocumented; [fig.] intangible; invisible; supernatural; unperceivable by physical senses.
  2. Unknown; unattested; forgotten.

recount (-ing), v. [ONFr re-, again + conter, count < L. com-, together + putāre, think.]

Remember; recall; recollect; describe; tell about; give an account of; relate a tale concerning; narrate past experience with.

recover (-ed), v. [AFr < L. recuperāre, regain, recover, recuperate.]

  1. Regain; achieve; attain; arrive at; reach again; make it as far as; succeed in returning to.
  2. Return; restore; reinstate; change back.