Lexicon: redeck – redress

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redeck (-ed), v. [L. re, again + Low Ger. < Germanic þakjan, cover, roof over.]

Resume; don again; put on; [fig.] raise again; lift anew.

redeem, v. [Fr. rédimer or L. rediměre, buy back.] (webplay: liberate, prisoners, world).

  1. Liberate; rescue; save; deliver; free; ransom; atone for; compensate for; make up for; release from captivity; loose from bondage.
  2. Fulfill; bring forth; make real; cause to happen; perform what has been promised.

redeemed, verbal adj. [see redeem, v.] (webplay: time, world).

Immortal; heavenly; saved; ransomed; rescued from the sorrows of mortality.

redeemer (-'s), n. [see redeem, v.] (webplay: death, God's, love, mortal, price, right).

Savior; Deliverer; Lord; Messiah; Master; God; Jesus Christ; Heavenly benefactor; one who pay a ransom for another; Supreme Being who atoned for the sins of mankind.

redemption, n. [see redeem, v.] (webplay: death, nature, paying, price, promise, violated).

  1. Salvation; immortality; [fig.] Heaven; God; Christ.
  2. Resurrection; final absolution; deliverance of sinners from bondage through Jesus Christ's sacrifice.
  3. [Fig.] death; passing from mortal existence; release from the bondage and sorrows of mortality.

redignify (redignified), v. [L. re, again + OFr < L. dign-us, worthy + -ficāre, to make.] (webplay: honor).

Exalt; glorify; make holy; invest with due honor; restore to a royal position; [fig.] resurrected; risen from the dead; restored to life in a glorified and perfected body.

redoubled, adv. [Fr. redoubler < L. re-, again + L. duplāre, double, fold up.]

With added intensity; with multiplied strength; with additional force; with increased volume; with magnified power.

redoubt, n. [Fr. < medieval L. reductus, secret place, refuge.]

Small fortress; meager refuge; frail sanctuary; minimal protection from harm; [fig.] body; physical tabernacle; mortal being; [fig] dispute; defense; debate; argument; retort.

redoubtable (-st), adj. [Fr. re-, again + douter, doubt < L. dubitāre, waver in opinion, hesitate.]

Formidable; terrible; intimidating; frightening; terrifying; inspiring dread.

redress, n. [Fr. < L. re-, again + OFr dresse-r, arrange.]

Reparation; recompense; rectification; compensation; amends; indemnification; legal restitution for damages incurred.