Lexicon: Red Sea – refer

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Red Sea, proper n. [Heb. yam-sūf, sea of reeds.]

Long narrow sea; body of water in the Middle East; waterway between northeastern Africa and the Arabian peninsula; water that Moses parted to lead the children of Israel through to the Promised Land (see Exodus 14); [fig.] colorful sunset.

reduce (-d, -s), v. [L. redūcěre, bring back, restore, replace < re-, again + dūcěre, lead, bring.] (webplay: consequence, excellence, known, place, poverty, price, proportion, smaller, spirit).

  1. Diminish; decrease; depreciate; devalue; cause to seem small and unimportant in comparison.
  2. Shrink; lessen; grow smaller.
  3. Degrade; cheapen; debase; demean.
  4. [Fig.] eliminate; destroy; kill; suppress; repress; subdue; extinguish; quench; snuff out; put down; do away with.

reduceless, adj. [see reduce, v.]

Limitless; inexhaustible; bottomless; endless; eternally capable of producing.

reed, n. [OE hréod < Germ. *hreuđom.]

Thin stalk of grass; tall, flexible aquatic plant; [possible allusion to Isaiah 19:7.]

reef (-s), n. [ME riff.]

  1. Rough range of rocks lying near the surface of the sea; natural wall of rock or coral submerged in the ocean; dangerous underwater outcropping capable of wrecking a ship.
  2. [Fig.] difficulty; trial; tribulation; adversity; affliction.

reek (-s), [OE.]

Fume; emit smoke; give off vapor.

reel (-ing, -s), v. [possibly < OE hréol.] (webplay: drunken, turn).

  1. Stagger; stumble; weave; wobble; move unsteadily; walk deliriously; exhibit a lack of control over bodily movements due to intoxication.
  2. Whirl; wheel; dance; [fig.] fly with rapid motion of the wings.

reeling, verbal adj. [see reel, v.] (webplay: drunken).

Intoxicated; inebriated; delirious; staggering; stumbling; weaving; wobbling; moving unsteadily.

re-endure, v. [see endure, v.]

Relive; experience anew; suffer through a second time; go over in detail in the mind; [fig.] remember; recall; recollect; review; think back on; ponder in retrospect.

refer (-s), v. [OFr < L. re-, back + ferre, bear, carry.]

  1. Direct; point; signal; indicate; focus.
  2. Phrase. “Refer to”: mention; allude to; talk about; make reference to.