Lexicon: refine – refugee

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refine (refining), v. [L. re-, again + Fr. fin < L. fīnus, probably a back-formation from finire, finish.] (webplay: fine, fire, soul).

Temper; remove impurities to make stronger; heat metal to burn away the dross; [fig.] sanctify; perfect; purify spiritually; improve the character of; make more patient and submissive.

refined, verbal adj. [see refine, v.]

Proper; polished; dignified; sophisticated; cultured; well-bred; genteel; lady-like; [fig.] prim; smug; self-righteous.

reflection, n. [Fr. or Late L. re-, again + flectěre, bend.]

Remembrance; recollection; retrospection; memory; pondering; deep thoughtfulness; review of the past.

reflex, adj. [L. reflex-us; see reflection, n.] (webplay: memory, thoughts).

Reflective; retrospective; [fig.] contemplative; deliberative; meditative; full of memories; turning to the past; made more meaningful by recalling past events.

reform (-ed, -s), v. [OFr reformer or L. re-, again + formāre, form.]

Change; alter; transform; transfigure; create anew. (1629/1636)

refract (-ed), v. [L. re-, again + frangěre, break.]

Redirect; channel in a different direction.

refrain (-s), n. [OFr refrein; see refract, v.] (webplay: path).

  1. Chorus; verse; repeated portion of a song; [fig.] music; series of notes.
  2. Echo; [fig.] warm breezes; pleasant weather of Indian Summer; reminder of the past.
  3. Words; lyrics; sentiments; repeated pleadings.

refresh, v. [OFr re-, again + fresche, fresh.] (webplay: spirits).

Renew; revive; rejuvenate; enliven; invigorate; give new strength; relieve from fatigue.

refreshing, verbal adj. [see refresh, v.] (webplay: mind, strength).

  1. Fresh; invigorating to the senses; deliciously cool to the taste; [fig] pleasurable; enjoyable; delectable; flavorful; rich; savory; tasty; appetizing.
  2. Stimulating; invigorating; rejuvenating; enlivening; energizing; exhilarating; exciting; interesting; unusual; uncommon.

refugee, n. [Fr. < L. re-, again + fugěre, flee.] (webplay: foreign, protection).

Stranger; foreigner; outcast; homeless person.