Lexicon: refund – regardless

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refund, v. [OFr refunder or L. re-, again + funděre, pour.]

  1. Repay; reimburse; compensate; reward; recompense; remunerate; bear fruit in return for labor invested.
  2. Return to; restore to; give back to.

refuse, n. [see refuse, v.]

Garbage; junk; trash; rubbish; debris; litter; useless items; [fig.] unimportant details; trivial aspects of memories.

refuse (-d), v. [Fr. < popular L. refūsum; see refund, v.] (webplay: offer, request).

  1. Deny; reject; say no; decline a request; answer in the negative; decide not to grant an appeal.
  2. Decline; be unwilling; be averse; be loath; be adamantly opposed.
  3. Decline to answer; refrain from yielding.

refute (-s), v. [L. refūtāre, repel, repress, rebut < re-, again + -fūta-, pour out.]

Deny; negate; nullify; show not to exist; prove to be impossible; [fig.] block out; obstruct from view.

regal, adj. [OFr regal or L. rex, king + ālis, pertaining to.]

Royal; kingly; distinguished; grand; majestic; splendid.

regale, v. [Fr. régaler.] (webplay: birds).

Please; delight; charm; gladden; gratify; refresh; enliven; invigorate.

regaling, n. [see regale, v.]

Meal; fare; course; sustenance.

regard, n. [see regard, v.] (webplay: hear, mind).

Esteem; estimation; opinion; respect; admiration.

regard (-ed, -s), v. [Fr. re-, again + garder, guard < Germ. *wardâ, ward.] (webplay: day, eyes, heart, look, love, mind, observe, seen, solemn, value, worthy).

  1. Consider; deem; value; assess; judge; think of.
  2. Esteem; admire; revere; venerate; hold in respect or affection.
  3. Contemplate; study; examine; look at; size up; meet eyes with.
  4. Notice; observe; watch; attend to; pay attention to; [fig.] show compassion for; be merciful to.

regardless, adj. [see regard, v.] (webplay: feels, heart, pain, person, question).

Careless; apathetic; heedless; indifferent; disinterested; [fig.] numb; stiff; incapable of emotion.