Lexicon: regiment – rein

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regiment (-s), n. [Late L. regěre, rule.] (webplay: commanded).

  1. Army; host; legion; squadron; troop; platoon; unit; body of soldiers; organized group of military men. (666/752)
  2. [Fig.] host of forest creatures; group of animals.
  3. [Fig.] mountain range; cluster of mountain peaks.

region (-s), n. [L. regiōn-em, direction, line, boundary, quarter, district < regěre, direct.]

Place; area; location; zone; territory; land; country.

register (-ed), v. [Fr. or medieval L. registrum < late L. regerěre, record, set down.] (webplay: book).

  1. Ascertain; measure; gauge; discover; find out; be certain of; obtain knowledge of.
  2. Sign; enroll; enter; record one's name.

regret, n. [see regret, v.] (webplay: friends, life).

  1. Grief; sorrow; suffering; pain due to loss; yearning for a beloved object or person.
  2. Unfortunate fact; sad truth; knowledge which brings sorrow.
  3. [Fig.] remembrance; mind; thoughts.

regret, v. [Fr. regretter.] (webplay: All forsook, An unknown esteem possessing, Less accounted then, recollecting).

Rue; lament; feel sorry for; experience remorse for.

regulate (-s), v. [Late L. rēgula, rule, straight stick, bar, ruler, pattern.]

  1. Control; pilot; steer; keep constant; preserve in working order; hold steady.
  2. Adjust; calibrate; attune; accustom; [fig.] reassess; reexamine; review; reevaluate; ponder; consider; scrutinize.

rehearsal, n. [OFr re-, again + hercer, harrow.] (webplay: composition, telling).

  1. Repetition; remembrance; recollection; reminiscence; act of reliving; reconstructing a past event in the mind.
  2. Preparation; practice; drill; attempt to improve; repetitive exercise.

reign, v. [OFr regner < L. regěre, rule.] (webplay: queen).

  1. Rule; govern; have dominion; possess right of authority.
  2. [Fig.] remain; prevail; live; exist.

reimburse (-d), v. [L. re-, again + im-, into + bursa, purse.] (webplay: lost).

  1. Replenish; refill; replace; renew; supply again.
  2. Compensate for; make up for.

rein, n. [OFr rene < L. retinēre, retain.] (webplay: horse).

  1. Bridle; restraining strap; long thin piece of leather used to guide and control a horse.
  2. Restraint; [fig.] captivity; imprisonment; bondage; hindrance to freedom.