Lexicon: rein – relation

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rein (-ing), v. [see rein, n.]

Move; travel; proceed; progress; wheel; advance steadily; fly across the sky as if pulled by Apollo's horse-drawn chariot in Greco-Roman mythology.

reindeer, n. [ON hreindýri < hreinn, reindeer + dýr, deer.] (webplay: northern).

Caribou; arctic deer; ruminant animal native to cold northern regions.

reinforce (-d), v. [Fr. < L. re-, again + in-, in + fortis, strong.]

Lock; shut more tightly; close more soundly.

reject (-ed, -s), v. [L. re-, back + jacěre, throw.] (webplay: chosen).

  1. Deny; refuse; denounce; condemn; decline to acknowledge, accept, or receive.
  2. Deem useless; consider unnecessary or superfluous.

rejoice (-s), v. [OFr re-, again + joir, enjoy, welcome, rejoice.] (webplay: joy, pleasurable, wisdom).

  1. Exult; triumph; make merry; exhibit a lively sense of happiness; experience intense gladness; shout for joy; [fig.] sing; make music to express intense positive emotion.
  2. Gladden; cheer; delight; enliven; animate; invigorate; cause to feel happy; give reason to experience joy.
  3. [Fig.] ring; peal; toll; sound.

rejoin, v. [Fr. re-, again + joindre, join.] (webplay: grow, near, reply).

Return to; come back to; be reunited with; meet again.

rekindle (-d), v. [L. re-, again + ON kynd-a, kindle; see kindle.] (webplay: action).

Spark; light again; cause to glow again after a period of darkness; [fig.] arouse; evoke; trigger; awaken; bring to mind again; activate a dormant memory of.

relate (-d), v. [L. relāt- < referre; see refer, v.]

  1. Tell; report; recount; recite; narrate; discuss; talk about.
  2. Describe; explain; attempt to depict with words; endeavor to make understandable by drawing a comparison.

related, verbal adj. [see relate, v.]

  1. Connected; allied; associated; correlated; corresponding; analogous; similar; akin; kindred; alike in some way; of the same family.
  2. Relative; not absolute; dependent upon context; not intrinsically valuable; defined only in relation to external variables.

relation (-s), n. [see relate, v.] (webplay: account, being).

  1. Comparison; proportion; perspective.
  2. Connection; association; link; tie; bond.