Lexicon: relative – religious

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relative, adj. [see relate, v.]

Proportional; comparative; not absolute; dependent on context; defined only in relation to external variables.

relative, n. [see relate, v.] (webplay: absolute).

Mortal; finite thing; earthly object; imperfect entity; changeable thing; that which is not absolute; [fig.] idol; false god.

relay, n. [OFr relais, hounds or horses held in reserve < relayer, relay.]

  1. Transmission; communication; act of passing a message along; system of receivers and transmitters used to convey signals across a long distance; set of fresh horses or other animals kept ready for mounting or hitching to a vehicle at various places along a route to increase the speed of travel.
  2. Station; depot; temporary stopping point; resting place in the course of a long journey; [fig.] pause; break; intermission.

release, n. [OFr < L. relaxāre < re-, again + laxus, loose.] (webplay: pain).

  1. Relief; alleviation; respite; reprieve; easing of discomfort; [fig.] salvation; immortality.
  2. Liberation; freedom; discharge from restraint; [fig.] death; liberation from mortality; freedom to rise to a heavenly sphere.
  3. Detachment; separation; removal; amputation.

relegate (-s), v. [L. re-, back + lēgāre, send.]

Delegate; remand; transfer; exile; [word play; pun on “regulate”] dominate; govern; command; rule over; preside in; [word play on “re-legacy”] continue to endow; provide another inheritance to; [word play on “re-legate”] represent; serve again as ambassador to; act as messenger for; have sacred authority in.

relent, v. [L. re-, back + lent-us, tough, sticky, viscous, slow.]

Yield; give in; feel compassion; soften in temper; grow less severe.

relief, n. [see relieve, v.] (webplay: boldness, plane, repose, sun, wrong).

  1. Respite; reprieve; alleviation; rest; easing of pain; period of comfort.
  2. Break; pause; interruption; intermission.

relieve (-s), v. [OFr < L. relevāre, raise again, assist < re-, again + levāre < levis, light.]

Satisfy; sate; satiate; fill; appease the appetite; allay physical hunger; alleviate the need for nourishment; [word play on “re-live” or “re-life”] re-vitalize; resuscitate; restore life.

religion, n. [Fr. or L. religiōn-em, possibly < relegěre, read over again or < religāre, religate < re-, again + ligāre, bind.] (webplay: belief, divine, moral).

Faith; theology; philosophy; dogma; system of beliefs; set of doctrines.

religious, adj. [see religion, n.] (webplay: man, true).

Pious; godly; [fig.] pharisaical; sanctimonious; self-righteous; holier-than-thou; affectedly devout; outwardly virtuous; exhibiting an exaggerated sense of personal spirituality for the purpose of impressing others.