Lexicon: relinquish – remark

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relinquish (-ed), v. [OFr < L. re-, behind, back + linquěre, leave.]

Renounce; resign; abdicate; abandon; give up; let go of.

relish (-ed, -es), v. [OFr relais, remainder < relaisser, leave behind.] (webplay: nature).

Enjoy; savor; delight in; revel in; take pleasure in; appreciate gleefully.

reluctant, adj. [L. re-, against + luctārī, struggle.]

  1. Unwilling; loath; hesitant.
  2. Begrudged; [fig.] rare; occasional.

reluctant (-ly), adv. [see reluctant, adj.] (webplay: heart).

  1. Unwillingly; grudgingly; unhappily; sadly; under protest; with resistance; in opposition to true desires; with a heavy heart.
  2. Slowly; hesitatingly; uncertainly; haltingly; with fear.

rely, v. [OFr relier, bind together < L. re-, back + ligāre, bind.] (webplay: certainty, conviction, God).

  1. Phrase. “Rely on”: be supported by; be sustained by; find strength through.
  2. Phrase. “Rely on”: depend on; be sure of; be certain of; be assured of; have no doubt of; trust in; be fully confident of.

remain (-ed, -eth, -ing, -s), v. [AFr < L. remanēre, re-, back + manēre, stay.] (webplay: abide, alive, all, away, brother, childless, duties, father's, forgotten, greater, inn, lay, leave, left, long, lost, low, morning, night, one, others, past, power, remove, rest, same, taken, till, time, wisdom, years).

  1. Persist; endure; prevail; persevere; be dutiful; keep steadfast; stand in place; hold the ground; face the opposition.
  2. Continue; carry on; be remembered.
  3. Abide; have efficacy.
  4. Stay; linger; tarry.
  5. Tarry; stay behind.
  6. Exist; be left untraveled.
  7. Phrase: “remains to see”: requires waiting; is uncertain; needs to be demonstrated.

remaining, n. [see remain, v.] (webplay: greater, time).

The act of staying or continuing.

remaining, verbal adj. [see remain, v.] (webplay: childless, delay, grows, kept, night, proved, up).

Still present; left behind; left over; still available.

remand (-ed), v. [Fr. or Late L. re-, again + mandāre, enjoin, command.] (webplay: call).

  1. Relegate; leave; abandon; send back; force to return for judgement.
  2. Recall; summon back; demand the return of.

remark, n. [see remark, v.] (webplay: act, speaker).

  1. Statement; comment.
  2. Observation; notice; [fig.] sight; view.