Lexicon: remark – remnant

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remark, v. [Fr. < L. re- again + OE mearcian, destine, appoint, observe, remark.]

Say; comment; observe; state; mention.

remedilessly, adv. [see remedy.]

Incurably; [fig.] irreversibly; irrevocably; certainly; surely; unalterably; inevitably; inescapably; unavoidably.

remedy, n. [AFr < L. re- again + medērī, heal.] (webplay: natural).

Medicine; antidote; cure; solution; relief; assuagement; alleviation.

remember (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OFr < late L, re-, again + memor, mindful.] (webplay: brave, days, esteem, everlasting, fact, forgotten, help, keep, lest, mind, notice, old, paid, place, power, received, sabbath-day, same, sake, since, something, thing, think, trust, what, within).

  1. Know; keep in mind; retain in consciousness.
  2. Recall; retain in consciousness.
  3. Recollect involuntarily.
  4. Think about; care about; consider fondly.
  5. Bring to mind; think of after forgetting for a time.
  6. Bring to memory; give recognition to; bring to recollection from the past.
  7. Thought of; cared about; thought of fondly; kept in mind.

remembering, n. [see remember, v.] (webplay: consciousness, Creator, forgetting, forgot, lest, recollect).

  1. Recalling; bringing to mind.
  2. Knowing; thought; bearing in mind; bringing to mind.

remembrance, n. [Fr., see remember, v.] (webplay: assisting, days, memory, praise, sabbath-day, something, taste).

  1. Memory; image in the mind.
  2. Recollection; fact retained in memory.
  3. Memorial; record; something to remind one of a person who has left.

remind (-ed, -s), v. [L. re-, again + ME mynd < Germanic *mun-, think, remember, intend.] (webplay: mind).

  1. Cause to remember; force to recall; impel to recollect; bring to mind again; bring to conscious thought.
  2. Phrase. “Remind of”: cause to remember; force to recall; impel to recollect; bring to mind again; bring to conscious thought.

remiss, n. [Fr. remettre; see remit, v.]

Decrease; lessening; reduction; diminution; decline; dwindling; slacking.

remit (-s, -ted), v. [L. re-, back + mittěre, send.]

  1. Return; restore; send back
  2. Reimburse; pay back.

remnant, n. [OFr remenant; see remain, v.]

Remains; trace; residue; remainder.