Lexicon: report – reprieve

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report (-ed, -s), v. [AFr < L. re- + portāre, to carry.] (acts, sound, tell).

  1. Relate; tell; state; narrate; describe; relay information; give news; convey a message.
  2. Call; name.
  3. Inform; give an account; [fig.] sing; convey in birdsong.
  4. Go; move; change position.
  5. Bring; carry; convey; cause to move.
  6. Tell about; state aloud; communicate to others; [fig.] attest; certify; document; record; testify of in writing.

reporter, n. [see report, v.] (webplay: heard, returned, tell).

Witness; recorder; transcriber; one who gives an account.

reportless, adj. [see report, v.] (webplay: answer).

Undistinguished; not well known; without repute.

repose, n. [see repose, v.] (webplay: friend, lay, mind, rest, tranquillity).

  1. Rest; relaxation; state of quiet or peaceful inaction; [fig.] death; final act of resting.
  2. Calm; leisure; peacefulness; absence of activity.
  3. Place of rest; location at which relaxation can take place.

repose (-d), v. [Fr. reposer < late L. re- + pausāre, to halt, cease.] (webplay: sleep).

Recline; lie down; stretch out; lay (oneself) to rest; lodge (one) for the night.

reprehend, v. [L. re- + prehendere, to seize.]

To chide; to reprove; to censure; to rebuke. 1260 Of Heaven and Hell, I also yield / The right to reprehend.

repreive, n. [see reprieve, n.]

representative, adj. [Fr. représentatif or L. re- + præsentāre, to present.]

To represent, to portray, to figure or to symbolize.

repress (-ed), v. [L. re- + pressāre, to press.]

To check; to restrain or hold back; to quell.

reprieve (repreive), n. [see reprieve, v.] (webplay: days, death, live, sentence, time).

  1. Respite; relief; discontinuance of an unpleasant experience.
  2. Comfort; alleviation; assistance; ease from some discomfort; removal or lessening of some cause of distress; deliverance from what is burdensome.
  3. Deliverance from a death sentence, often temporary.