Lexicon: request – rescued

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request, v. [see request, n.]

To ask for, to solicit, to express desire, to beg.

require (-d, -s, requiring), v. [OFr < L. re- + qucerěre, seek, ask.]

  1. To need.
  2. To demand or to request.

requirement (-s), n. [see require, v.]

Demands, Requisitions, Ideals.

requisite, adj. [L. requīsītus < re- + qucerěre, seek, ask.]

To be required by circumstance or the nature of things.

requisite, n. [see requisite, adj.]

That which is necessary, something indispensable.

requisition, n. [Fr. réquisition or L. re- + qucerěre, seek, ask.]

Demand or application made as of right.

re-royalize (-d), verbal adj. [see royal, adj.]

Reinstate; crown again; return to full power; restore to royal status; [fig.] resurrect; raise from the dead.

rescind (-ed), v. [L. re- + scinděre, to cut, split, divide.]

Sever; cut off; [fig.] suppress the memory of.

rescinded, verbal adj. [see rescind, v.]

Previous; former; onetime; long gone.

rescued, verbal adj. [OFr re-, again + ex-, out + quatěre, shake.]

Saved; delivered; liberated.