Lexicon: research – residence

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research, n. [Fr. recerche.]

Diligent search; scholarly investigation; quest to discover facts, principles, or information.

resemblance, n. [AFr. < re- + semblar < L. similus, like.]

Likeness; similitude; either of external form or of qualities.

resemble (resembling, -s), v. [OFr re- + sembler < L. similus, like.] (webplay: Life of Mine, The Claws that clung like lifeless Gloves).

  1. Represent; symbolize.
  2. Imitate; emulate; be in likeness of; share similar qualities or features.

resent (-s), v. [Fr. < L. re- + sentīre, feel.]

  1. To dislike, hold in some degree of animosity.
  2. To begrudge, feel indignation at.

reservation, n. [see reserve, v.]

Proviso; prerequisite; legal condition.

reserve, n. [See reserve, v.]

That which is set aside as a place or group from which to draw strength in future need.

reserve (-d, reserving), v. [OFr < L. re- + servāre, keep, save.] (webplay: barns for winter, consecrated, exist, extant, saved, sentiment, souvenir).

  1. Retain, secure, hold a place.
  2. To set aside for certain later person or purpose.
  3. To maintain, withstand.
  4. Withhold.
  5. Assuming or claiming some honor owed.
  6. Yet, still.

reservoir, n. [Fr. < réserver, keep, reserve.]

A place where anything is held in reserve, supply

reside (residing), v. [Fr. résider or L. re- + sedēre, sit.]

  1. Dwell; permanently live; stay for a great length of time; settle in a place with the intent of staying for a long time; inhabit the same place as one's family has for generations.
  2. Settle; subside; sink to the bottom.

residence (-s), n. [Fr. < L. re- + sedēre, sit.]

  1. The act of living in a place for a time.
  2. The place of abode; a dwelling; a habitation.