Lexicon: ramble – ransomed

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ramble (-d, -s), v. [see ramble, n.] (webplay: carelessly, go, walk).

  1. Wander; rove; stroll; meander; walk aimlessly, enjoying the view.
  2. [Fig.] lie unanchored; be tossed about by chance; have no concern for or control over circumstances that determine one's fate.

rampant, adj. [Fr. ramper, creep, crawl, climb; NW says ramper, headlong.]

Wild; untamed; irrepressible; uncontrolled; undisciplined; excessively exuberant.

ran, v. [see run, v.]

range (-ed, -s), v. [Fr. rang, ranc, rank, supposed to be < OHG hrinc, ring.] (webplay: bounding, content, divisions, place).

  1. Arrange; organize; return to proper position.
  2. Vary; differ.
  3. Approach; verge on; pass near to.
  4. Flourish; thrive; spread; grow unrestrained; take root in an uncontrolled manner; [fig.] commandeer; conquer; take over; take control of.

rank (-s), n. [see range, v.] (webplay: degree, high, raised).

  1. Row; orderly assemblage of troops; line of soldiers standing side by side.
  2. Crowd; group; large number.
  3. Position; place; station; proper location in a hierarchy.
  4. Order; classification; degree; grade.
  5. Importance; distinction; status; prestige; dignity; royalty; nobility; high position in the social hierarchy; [fig.] privilege; entitlement; rights resulting from an exalted social station.
  6. [Fig.] odor; aroma; smell; perfume; strong fragrance.

rankle, v. [OFr rancle, fester, ulcer.]

Fester; rage; intensify; become inflamed; grow more acute.

ransack, v. [ON rann, house + -saka < sœkja, seek.]

Hunt frantically for missing objects; conduct a frenzied, thorough search; seek by desperately examining every part of a place.

ransom, n. [OFr rançon < *re(d)empçon < L. redemptiōn-em < rediměre, buy back.]

Freedom; salvation; redemption from punishment; release from bondage; [fig.] comfort; consolation; relief; solace; reassurance.

ransom (-ed), v. [see ransom, n.]

Rescue; deliver; protect; preserve; save.

ransomed, n. [see ransom, n.]

Saint; redeemed person; justified being; immortal one.