Lexicon: residue – resow

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residue, n. [F. résidu < L. residuum < re- + sedēre, sit.]

That which remains after a part is taken, separated, removed, or designated; leftover remains; small amount; last traces.

resign (-ed), v. [OFr < L. resignare, unseal, cancel < re- + signāre to sign.]

  1. Stop using; let go of; [fig.] vacate because of death.
  2. Renounce; forswear; stop being; [fig.] reconcile.
  3. Reject; refuse; surrender; abandon; give up; relinquish for the sake of being faithful.
  4. Rue; quit; disavow; discontinue; repent of; stop doing; turn away from.

resigned, verbal adj. [see resign, v.]

Meek; longsuffering; having accepted one's fate.

resist (-s), v. [Fr. résister or L. re- + sistěre < stāre, stand.]

  1. To stand against; withstand; oppose; to sustain an effort against.
  2. To fight or strive actively against; endeavor to counteract, defeat, or frustrate.
  3. To escape from; avoid capture.

resistless, adj. [see resist, v.]

Helpless; incapable of putting up a fight.

resituate (-d), v. [Late L. situāre < L. situs, site.]

Place in another location; relocate, move.

resolute (-r), adj. [L.]

Determined; staid; stable; fixed; steady; constant in pursuing a purpose; having a firm conviction.

resonance, n. [OFr resonance < L. resonantia, echo < resonare, to resound.]

  1. Vibrations within a semi-enclosed space, as of sound; echo; variation; reverberation.
  2. Enlarging; filling of a space; multiplying.

resource, n. [Fr. < L. re-, again + surgěre to rise.]

Provision; supply; sustenance; support; protection; insurance; last resort; source of aid.

resow (-n), v. [sow -OE sawan.]

Plant again; [word play on “resew”] fix; mend; redo; sew gain.