Lexicon: respect – rest

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respect, v. [L. respicere to look (back) at, regard, consider.]

View; esteem; consider with reverence; hold in great honor; feel awe towards.

respectful, adj. [see respect, v.]

  1. Having a attitude of deference toward; marked or characterized by respect; in awe of; paying homage to.
  2. Acting appropriately for a situation of toward a person; doing the proper thing.
  3. Quiet; unobtrusive; not wanting to disturb.

respite (-s), n. [OFr respit < L. respect-us, respect.]

  1. Pause; temporary intermission, reprieve, or break from work or labor; interval of rest.
  2. Relief from the stresses of life; break; pause for thought; rest; vacation.

resplendent, adj. [L. resplendent-em, < resplendēre, to resplend.]

Glorious; very bright; shining with brilliant luster; with splendor and finery.

respond (-ed), v. [L. re-, again + spondēre, to pledge, promise, warrant.]

  1. To answer; to reply in words or actions; to communicate with.
  2. To react to a stimulus.

responsibility, n. [see responsible, adj.]

  1. Duty to be performed, or required routine.
  2. The state of being accountable or answerable, as for a trust or office, or for a debt.

responsible, adj. [Fr. < L. respondēre, respond.]

Accountable for something; as duties, or actions; answerable.

responsive, adj. [Fr. responsif or late L. responsīv-us.]

Answering; making reply; reacting to.

rest, n1. [OE ræst.] (webplay: battle, bed, cloud, day, dead, death, down, dust, God, hand, head, heart, heaven, home, hope, land, lay, left, lies, mind, music, native, obtained, others, peace, place, reading, remain, repose, reward, sea, sleep, stand, state, still, stop, thing, tranquil, truth, wait, work, years).

  1. Relaxation; repose; rejuvenation; cessation of activity.
  2. Stillness; calm; quiet; tranquility; peace of mind.
  3. Death; the repose of the grave.
  4. Phrase. “At rest”: Calm; peaceful; without motion; staying still.
  5. Phrase. “At rest”: Motionless in death.
  6. Phrase. “Put to rest”: Pacify; make calm; make still.

rest, n2. [Fr. reste.] (webplay: battle, cloud, day, dead, death, die, down, fear, glad, head, heart, Heaven, home, lay, lean, left, Lord, nature, others, quiet, place, promise, remain, retire, retires, satisfied, sleep, souls, state, still, stop, trust, wait, years).

  1. Others; members of a particular group who are different.
  2. Other similar or lesser things not mentioned.
  3. Remainder; balance; part that is left to be gone through.
  4. Other parts; remainder; balance.