Lexicon: rest – resumption

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rest (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OE restan.] (webplay: bed, church, day, death, die, dust, hand, head, heart, Heaven, lie, lowly, meek, mind, nature, pause, souls, still, stop, trust, voice, wandering, weary).

  1. Give relief to.
  2. Cease from action.
  3. Be tranquil.
  4. Lay; be supported by.

restitute (-s), v. [ppl. stem of L. restituěre, re- + stituěre, to set up.]

Repay; return; give back; fix an error; fulfil a debt; right a wrong; restore to a former state.

restitution, n. [OFr, see restitute, v.]

Recovery; reestablishment; returning to a former posture.

restore, v. [OFr restorer < L. restaurāre.]

  1. Return; replace; give back to an original owner.
  2. Resurrect; bring back from death.

restored, verbal adj. [see restore, v.]

Recovered; healed; renewed; refreshed; brought back to original state; [fig.] resurrected.

restrain (-ing), v. [OFr restrei(g)– < L. restringěre, to bind fast, confine.]

Check; stop; halt; confine; discipline; hold back; hinder from unlimited enjoyment; prohibit from action by physical or moral force.

restricted, verbal adj. [L., see restrain, v.]

Hindered; limited; curbed; restrained; contained; kept within bounds; [fig.] motionless; lifeless; inactive.

result, n. [L. re-, back + saltāre, to leap.]

  1. Consequence or effect; response; reaction.
  2. Final state or outcome.

resume (-d, resuming, -s), v. [OFr résumer or L. re- + sūměre, to take.]

  1. To take again after absence; to put on again or start going again.
  2. To take up again after interruption; to begin again.
  3. To start anew; begin again.

resumption, n. [Fr. or L., see resume.]

The act of resuming, taking back, or taking again, as of life or friendship; [fig.] resurrection.