Lexicon: resurgam – retina

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resurgam, v. [L. resurgere, revive, spring up again.]

Phrase. “Resurgam”: I shall rise again; I will live again; I will be resurrected from the dead; (see the tomb of Helen Burns in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë).

resurrection (-s), n. [OFr resurrcciun or late L. resurrectiōn-em < resurgěre, to resurge.]

  1. A rising again; the revival or coming back to life of the dead of the human race; giving life to again.
  2. The event, particularly at the general Judgement, where life is given back to humans.
  3. Spring; the rebirth or coming back to life of Nature in Spring.

retain, v. [OFr retenir < re- + tenir, to hold.]

  1. To hold or keep in possession; not lose, or part with, or dismiss.
  2. To keep, as an associate; to keep from departure; to let someone or something stay.

retake (-n), v. [re- + late OE tacan < ON taka, grasp, grip, seize.]

To recapture; take again.

retaken, verbal adj. [see retake, v.]

Recaptured, taken again; forced to carry a burden again, as a slave.

retard (-ed, -s), v. [Fr. retarder or L. retardāre, re- + tardus, slow.]

  1. To delay; to be late
  2. To slow down; to hinder; to handicap.
  3. To be slow; to be lethargic.

retarded, verbal adj. [see retard, v.]

Delayed; slow; tardy; not punctual; arriving later.

reticence, n. [Fr. reticence or L. reticentia < reticēre, to keep silence.]

Concealment by silence; shyness, quietness; wish to remain in the background.

reticent, adj. [L. re- + tacere, to be silent.]

  1. Silent; anti-social; secretive.
  2. Dormant; quiet; secretive.

retina, n. [medieval L.]

In anatomy, one of the coats of the eye, at the back, or bottom; where vision is first perceived.