Lexicon: retrim – reveal

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retrim (-med), v. [re- + OE trymman, to make firm or strong, strengthen, confirm.]

To trim again; to rearrange or “redeck” sails on a ship to catch more wind; to raise the sails again.

retrograde, n. [see retrograde, v.]

Something that is retreating; plunging downward.

retrograde, v. [L. retrōgradi < retrō + gradus step.]

To go or move backward or downward; to deteriorate, break down or lose ground.

retrospect (-s), n. [L. retrospicere, to look back.]

  1. Past; background; historical context.
  2. Hindsight; review; fond memory; looking back on things past.

retrospection, n. [L. type retrōspectiōn-em, see retrospect, n.]

  1. The act of looking back on things past; remembering.
  2. The faculty or ability of looking back on past things; having hindsight.

return, n. [see return, v.] (webplay: day, fit, sun).

  1. Renovation; restoration; physical renewal; [fig.] resurrection; coming back to life.
  2. Regress; coming back to a starting place; state of honor or respect.

return (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OFr < L. tornāre, turn on a lathe.] (webplay: again, answer, appear, begin, borrowed, called, day, distant, errands, friendly, go, gold, heart, heaven, hour, house, law, lord, name, other, place, plot, putting, report, revisit, revolution, same, seasons, send, show, sides, soul, spend, statement, sun, takes, tell, thought, turn, usually, wise).

  1. Come back; reappear after a separation; [fig.] live again; rise in the resurrection.
  2. Reappear; appear again after an absence; [fig.] bring an answer.
  3. Revisit; leave and then come back.
  4. Revolve; begin again; happen another time; repeat a turn; make another circuit; complete another cycle.
  5. Come again soon; reappear at a predictable time.
  6. Fly back; go to a former location.
  7. Reciprocate; retaliate; answer; respond with.
  8. Give back; pay again.

returned, verbal adj. [see return, v.]

Sent back; restored to place; [fig.] restored to life; raised from the dead.

returning, verbal n. [see return, v.] (webplay: day, house, labor).

  1. Reappearance; [fig.] coming back to mortality.
  2. Kind of renewal; type of renovation; manner of coming again; [fig.] resurrection.
  3. Homecoming; state of having come back.
  4. Resuscitation; breathing again; coming back to life.

reveal (-ed, -s), v. [OFr reveler or L. revēlāre, re- + vēlum, veil.] (webplay: concealed, disclose, heaven, secrets, show).

  1. Permit sight; make visible.
  2. Divulge; disclose; make known.
  3. Show; display; exhibit; expose.
  4. Communicate; express.
  5. Indicate; signal; point to.
  6. Unveil; inspire; provide inspiration; give higher knowledge.
  7. Uncover; highlight; expose by light something previously obscure; remove the cover from an object that was concealed.