Lexicon: reward – rhythmic

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reward, n. [ONFr or OFr reguard, regard.]

  1. Fruit of men's labor.
  2. Bribe.

reward, v. [ONFr rewarder or OFr reguarder, regard.]

Give good in return for good.

rewarded, verbal adj. [see reward, v.]

Recompensed; paid for.

Rhine, proper n. [OHG ri, to go, to flow + Gaulish element (r)enos, water, that which flows.]

  1. Chief river in Germany; Western Europe waterway with its source in the Alps; river of love.
  2. Wine; sweet drink from grapes; [fig.] perfume of flowers; nectar of spring blossoms.
  3. Spirit; breath of life; [fig.] joy; inspiration; spirituality; vitality; divine nature; Holy Spirit; gift of the Holy Ghost; fruit of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22).
  4. Blood ; [fig.] soul; vital force.

rhinoceros, n. [Late L.]

A large quadruped of a genus found in Africa and Southern Asia, having a horn on the nose and thick skin that hangs in folds.

rhododendron, n. [Gr. 'rose + tree'.]

A genus of plants with evergreen foliage and many large, beautiful flowers.

Rhodora (-'s), proper n. [L. 'Filipendula ulmaria' < Gk 'rose'.]

Rhododendron canadense; deciduous shrub of northeastern New England; plant that blooms in early spring with purple or white flowers; [fig.] flower personified.

rhyme (-s), n. [OFr < L. rhythmus, measured motion, time, proportion.]


rhythm, n. [see rhyme, n.]

Regulated succession of strong and weak elements.

rhythmic, adj. [Fr. rhythmique or L. rythmicus.]