Lexicon: ransomed – rascality

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ransomed, verbal adj. [see ransom, n.]

Saved; redeemed; exalted; saintly; celestial; hallowed; holy; purified; justified.

rap (-s), v. [Prob. of echoic origin.] (webplay: knock, time).

Knock; strike a door in order to be admitted to a room.

rapid, adj. [L. rapěre, seize, carry off.] (webplay: speech).

Quick; fast; speedy; fleet; swift; nimble; darting.

rapid, adv. [see rapid, adj.] (webplay: earth, fall).

Quickly; speedily; swiftly; hurriedly; hastily; soon.

rapids, plural n. [see rapid, adj.]

Eddy; undertow; strong current; dangerous flow; violent churning; [fig.] flickering; play of light.

rapt, verbal adj. [L. raptus < rapěre, seize.] (webplay: joy).

  1. Intent; spellbound; fascinated; transfixed; absorbed; entranced; engrossed; entirely engaged; completely focused; wholly interested.
  2. Immobilized; incapacitated; numb; deadened; [word play on “wrapped”] bound; covered; encased; caught up in; [fig.] lifeless; frozen.
  3. Enraptured; overjoyed; elated; awed.
  4. Transported; seized; taken; snatched; [fig.] changed; immortalized; taken to a heavenly realm.

rapture (-'s), n. [see rapt, verbal adj.] (webplay: delight, ecstasy, joy, music, rapidity, ravished, transport).

  1. Ecstasy; bliss; elation; extreme thrill; utter joy; pure satisfaction; overpowering happiness; overwhelming pleasure.
  2. High velocity; violent rapidity.
  3. [Fig.] expression of intimacy; consummation of love.
  4. [Fig.] heaven; salvation; exaltation.
  5. [Fig.] time; hour; moment; state of existence; period of life.
  6. [Fig.] sun; sky; horizon; Nature.
  7. [Fig.] winged insect; firefly or butterfly.

rare (-er), adj. [L. rār-us, thin.] (webplay: air, degree, flower, fond, found, gold, seen).

  1. Uncommon; unusual; exceptional; extraordinary; special; singular; unique; out of the ordinary; seldom encountered; not frequently found or experienced.
  2. Infrequent; irregular; intermittent; scattered.
  3. [Fig.] ethereal; invisible; incorporeal; phantom; spirit-like; heavenly; celestial; glorified; immortal; imperceptible to physical senses.

rare (-r), adv. [see rare, adj.]

Infrequently; seldom; not often; sparingly; frugally; thriftily; scantily, meagerly; sparsely.

rascality, n. [OFr rascaille.]

Dishonesty; fraud; deceit; knavery; roguery; mischief.