Lexicon: riddle – righteousness

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riddle, n2. [OE hriddel < hrider, to shake.]

Sieve; screen; mesh; filter; instrument for straining out impurities; [word play] enigma; paradox; conundrum.

riddle, v. [Late OE hriddel < hrider, to shake.]

Perforate; pierce.

ride, n. [see ride, v.]

  1. Means of transport; [fig.] breeze; air current; wind that enables flight.
  2. Conveyance; journey by vehicle.

ride (riding, rode, -s), v. [OE rídan, travel.] (webplay: chariot, ease, horseback, supported).

  1. Sit as a passenger; travel in a coach.
  2. Sail; travel in a boat.
  3. Fly; hover; travel by wings through self-propulsion.
  4. Wander; meander; glide; move from place to place.
  5. Drive; travel by horseback.
  6. Proceed; continue; go forth.
  7. Slither; creep; crawl; locomote; move on the ground
  8. Phrase. “ride away”: depart; disappear; take leave.

ridge, n. [OE hrycg.]

  1. Top of a grave.
  2. Hilltop; range of mountains.

right, adj. [OE reht.] (webplay: die, drawn, grave, hand, just, justice, man, restore, river, shortest, tell, term).

  1. Correct; not mistaken; not deceived.
  2. Opposite of the left side; side of the body opposite the tilt of the heart; [fig.] place where just and faithful people will find themselves at Christ's coming (see Matthew 25:34-40).

right, adv. [OE rehte < reht.] (webplay: fit, true).

  1. Correctly.
  2. Quickly and completely, immediately.

right, n. [OE riht.] (webplay: becoming, belongs, certainly, circumstances, die, end, every, face, fir, grave, look, only, titles).

God-given privilege or legal authority.

righteous, adj. [OE rihtwís < riht, right + wís, wise.]

Moral; not wicked.

righteousness, n. [see righteous, adj.]

Moral faithfulness (see Malachi 4:2).