Lexicon: riot – rise

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riot, n. [OFr riote, debate, dispute, quarrel.]

  1. Battery by winds; experience in stormy weather.
  2. Rush; onslaught; extravagance; [fig.] gush; surge; total outpouring; full force of heat, light, and growth in summer.
  3. Tumult; chaos; uproar; brawl; upheaval; [fig.] rapid pulse; heart fluttering with emotion.

rip, n. [origin obscure.]

  1. Rend; wrenching; pulling out; taking out forcefully; [onomatopoeia] sound effect; noise of removing something violently.
  2. Tear; cut; rupture; breach; incision; [word play “ripple”]; fret; crease; furrow; aperture of skin.

rip, v. [origin obscure.]

Split; separate; pull apart; [word play on “ripen”] unfurl; blossom overnight; spread apart quickly; open up into full bloom.

ripe (-st), adj. [OE rípe, may be related to reap.]

Matured; finished; ready for harvest; the peak of usefulness.

ripen (-ing), v. [see ripe, adj.]

Come to maturity; become old.

ripeness, n. [see ripe, adj.]

Maturity; mellowness; fulness; richness.

ripening (-s), verbal n. [see ripe, adj.]

Maturation; period of development.

ripple (-s), n. [origin obscure.]

Rhythm; light ruffling of the surface of water.

rise, n. [see rise, v.]

Dawn; first light; [fig.] resurrection.

rise (-n, rising, rose, -s), v. [OE rísan.]

  1. Grow; develop; emerge as a blossom on a plant.
  2. Awaken; get up; get out of bed.
  3. Stand; [fig.] begin; commence; get off the ground.
  4. Ascend; lift; go aloft; head upward in the air; move up into the atmosphere.
  5. Embark; become a draft; move suddenly upward; come up as a current; [fig.] start.